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Re: Impact Wrestling 2010: From Russia With Love

2/11 impact review:

-I don’t think in the history of wrestling, “Thank you Jeff” Jarrett will be chanted. Maybe its just me, but I don’t particularly like the guy for his WCW/WWF ship jumping in 1997-2000(ish?)
Good back and forth by Hogan and Jarrett, I think Hogan and Jarrett running TNA would be a solid on screen “take no shit” pair. Similar to Sting and Hogan now, two guys un afraid to go toe to toe with an opponent.

-Samoa Joe putting over Mystico is solid booking. Make Mystico look good, but Joe needs a push. I think his skill set and persona are perfect to battle the n.W.o.

-Not a huge fan of Matt Morgan as a face, he is really not a great talker and I would like to see him just using his fists to do his talking.

-Hate LAX and love Magnus, so this is a good decision to me. LAX doesn’t really bring anything to the division, other than putting over younger teams.

-Like how the MCMGs try to take the tag team spot light, by coming out and making a call out, as the previous teams are still exiting the ring. Londrick are smart, and MCMGs need to overcome that to win this feud. Should be a great starter for a Number One Contenders match.

-Bobby Lashley going for the TV title? I understand that he wasn’t all that great in WWE, but I think in TNA he needs to go after the big gold. And He is capable of solid matches with a majority of their roster.

-Bringing in the new Knockouts is smart, but the use of the chair doesn’t make sense. Do these people have previous animosity? If so, let us know. You have done this a few times, using weapons for no apparent reason.

-The Pope…. Is…. I don’t even know. He should be crushed by Lashley. Could be a good building block for Dinero. I just cant get into his character. it could be sooooo much more.

-Wish he could be Nigel McGuiness, as that would probably bring some ROH fans in. Wolfe is a treat, and will be great in your TV division.

-Decent way to get the Styles-Hardy “feud” to a PPV. N.W.o. interferes, and Sting comes down….. This has been done… I just can’t get into another Sting-n.W.o. angle, because it was beaten to death for 2 years in WCW. I think Sting would be a great mentor to the next great fighter. At this point he is 50 and could be a Mr. Miyagi type.

2/18 Review:
-Good to start with a match, as TNA isn’t TNA without Action. Mystico is on a roll, and Daniels/Kaz was apparently abandoned last week, and not furthered? Guess it will be two weeks without going back to that X Division well.

-Hardy doesn’t really talk like that… And he has faced AJ Styles twice and he thinks he is out of competition? What? Why? I guess Nash and Jarrett have a match? Or a fight? This segment didn’t really work. Hardy sounds like an arrogant prick, and Nash vs Jarrett is the Main Event? WCW 2000 time.

-Another random cheat to win situation in the KO division, with no backstory, doesn’t really make sense.

-Morgan is talking to Steiner. It only makes sense for him to turn heel as he is a terrible face.

-Really good promo by Raven, but it needs some tweaking. I suggest going back and watching promos from guys before you write, to help set the mood. These guys have tendencies and Raven doesn’t speak the way you have him talking here, but your promo was really well written for someone who is more arrogant and devious. (not to say Raven isn’t devious)

-AJ Styles sucking ass to the guy who tried to cheat him out of the NWA belt? This would probably have been more of an inring segment, where Jarrett announces the Number one Contender and let Styles get a massive pop from the crowd, and then he and Hardy do some nose to nose.

-Getting Joe back on the winning track, but is he in with the n.W.o. I sure hope not, as he is best as a loner who kicks ass.

-Good way for Lashley to lose and still look strong. He and The Pope can hopefully finish this one quickly, as the whole “Bobby’s wife is hot” thing has been done.

-I have a hard time seeing Crimson in a Mankind mask, but I like him as a body guard. Slowly work him into matches. He could definitely help out londrick in the long run.

-Good Jarrett-Nash match, but you are constantly squashing the n.W.o. and you have never built them up. Are they seen as a threat based on reputation? I don’t think they would really make the fear in TNA 12 years after their prime ended.

-Im glad you have British Invasion won, and your tag team division is stacked and really full of potential.

2/25 review:
-This is a good back and forth, and you have Scott Hall down, but Hardy lacks his true character. He is more of the silent type. I don’t particularly like his mic work either. More Jarrett vs the n.W.o.? seems like n.W.o. is getting too much play, and hasn’t made an impact really. Hopefully you can make them an uncomfortable presence.

-Londrick have gotten the last laugh each week thus far. Seems like MCMG are going to win at Victory Road to become number one contenders. British Invasion vs Beer Money at the PPV will be fun too. I think the belt needs to stay put for a while, and built back up.

-What does Daniels mean “take out Mystico”? on a date? With a beatdown? They have a match, why ask the champion to lose a match via DQ to beat someone down?

-Hogan wants the n.W.o. gone too, but wants Jarrett to call it down the middle???? I understand barring him from competing, but the reasoning isn’t there.

-Kaz on TV for the first time since two weeks ago when he won the title. Why doesn’t Daniels go beat down Mystico?

-Good job putting something on the line between Lashley and the Pope at Victory Road. That makes the match actually seem legit and not like a street fight.

-You did a good job furthering a KO storyline. Now the cheat to win makes sense, but I still think you have used it too much thus far.

-Hahahahahah Hollywood Eric Young. I am reading a WCW 1999 BTB where Chris Jericho takes the “Hollywood” nickname and I love people mocking Hogan. The New Mega Powers could be a good team, and add to your already prosperous Tag Team Division.

-Angle looks strong, but you didn’t kill off Wolfe, so that was good.

-I knew it! Joe is going to get in with the n.W.o.

-Good Main Event, but having the n.W.o. lose again just really makes it hard to make them seems like a threat. I love the invasion of Jarretts home, and I think this would be even better if Jarrett had been struggle, and just piled onto his mess. I think right now, the n.W.o. vs Jarrett thing is too even-steven booked.

Overview: The shows are booked well, but your segments don’t channel the characters well. I like the backstory, but I still think the n.W.o. has been pushed too far already and you needed a more slow burn of them interfering and making Impact a mess because they can’t finish a show without the n.W.o. having their say. The tag team and TV divisions are really solid and full of potential. I love the feuds you have set up between MCMGs and Londrick and Beer Money vs British Invasion. Your X Division seems like its
1. Mystico
2. Everyone else.
Even though Kaz is the champ. Kaz hasn’t been on TV enough. Daniels is a great heel, but you have made him look too weak and it will be hard to make him seem like a real threat to Kaz’s title, especially with Mystico on a roll.
Overall I like what you are doing, you just need some tweaks.


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