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Re: Who wins in a fight? Batman vs. Superman

Originally Posted by DX-Superkick View Post
Waynetech satellites shift 34.74689 degrees to the left, reflecting the suns rays while concentrating them at the north and south poles, the magnetic field then turns the entire planet into a red sun weakening Superman to the point of death.

Bruce Wayne then sees his deed, closes his laptop, the limo window rolls up, and Alfred drives away.

*Deshi deshi basara basara, deshi deshi basara*
lol, Batman is going to need more than just the red suns rays, much much much more.

If going THROUGH a red star didn't kill Superman, the rays from it sure aren't. Supermans durability has been really upped since Pre Crisis, where even a simple street magician could put him down.

Superman can easily just pick Batman and take him to the sun at FTL speeds. That is if Batman doesn't disintegrate before getting there.

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