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Re: When Orton turns heel, will he be a useless cowardly one like Ziggler, ADR, Punk.


He is going to be the exact same cowardly, useless, whining Heel that he was back in 2007-09 with still keeping his sadistic character in tact. You already know deep down that is going to happen, there is no chance someone like Orton is going to be some up standing Heel that never back down.

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
Oh my god, this fucking thread again. How many times will it take to toss it into your slow heads that heels can't be booked like faces? As you said, guys like Del Rio and Show have their moments of clean victories, but they are the bad guys, they NEED heel tactics to get the heat. Same with Punk, i'm actually enjoying his reign, i knew he would use heelish tactics but who gives a fuck, he has a one year logn reign and will headline the Rumble with Rock, plus as a heel he is much more entertaining. 'The heels winning clean All the time' IWC wet-dream needs to go away, get over it, for casuals it needs to be this way, otherwise they get confused and have no idea who to cheer or boo for.

Also, its not even like WWE isn't doing it. Big Show beat Sheamus clean at HIAC. Punk almost beat Sheamus clean at WWE Main Event premiere. They are not stupid, they know sometimes heels need to win clean too, but most days if they are on top and not even using heel tactics, they will get cheered, not booed like they're meant too.
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