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Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion

My thoughts on Impact this week:

- James Storm is officially the dumbest babyface character in wrestling. Why in God's name would he put his title shot on the line after winning it? It is like in the movies when the good guy puts his gun down to have a fair fight instead of just shooting the evil motherfucker in front of him. WHO DOES THAT?!?!?!

And I can't imagine why they would have Storm lose the title shot right after the PPV. It kind of negates the PPV match. Why didn't they just have Roode go over at the PPV? The only thing I can think of is that they thought Roode winning would give away heel A Double losing in the main event. Who knows? It still seemed weird to dedicate a whole episode of Impact just to negate a PPV outcome.

- Kid Kash Vs. Rob Van Dam....actually a good solid TV match. Nothing much else to say. It was just a nice athletic match and I liked that Kash actually looked as if he did tape study on RVD and came up with some nice counters. Solid X Division action. If they get some more depth in the division, they can have matches involving different faces every week.

- Jesse Vs. EY, you know. Jesse isn't terrible. He should really change his finisher though. Him using a Stunner probably isn't the best idea.

- Joseph Park training to wrestle could be epic comedy right there. It is a nice new direction for his character too. And hell...put Joseph Park on Gut Check a few months from now!

- Aces & Eights beatdown on Magnus was interesting. It is important to show that they will go over faces & heels equally. And to be honest, it kind of puts the suspicion back on Samoa Joe in my eyes as having some sort of tie to the group. Who knows?

- Hearing Hardy's inner thoughts is stupid. Nuff said.

- The person in the Tag Team match that tagged with Devon looked like Mike Knox to me. I am interested in seeing how Brisco plays out in all of this. I think we all know he is a member of the group, but I want to see how they get to that point.

- Are they seriously doing an affair angle between Bully Ray & Brooke Hogan??? The fuck TNA??? THE FUCK?!?!?!

- Knockouts Contenders Battle Royal, well it was nice to see the girls of the division on display again. It has been a while since Madison, Gail, & of course Mickie have been on TV. Following this, it will probably go back to the typical formula of champion & challenger being the only ones featured on TV. Anyways, this was a fun match if nothing else.


- Storm & Roode was a good match once again, but like I said at the start, what was the point?

Impact was OK this week, but they are doing some things storyline wise that leave me scratching my head. Yet another AJ/Daniels match coming? A PPV outcome being rendered to nothing? Bully Ray & Brooke Hogan having an affair? I mean really, you choose BULLY RAY for a storyline like that?!


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