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Re: How would you make faces likeable again? (create/recreate a top babyface)

Originally Posted by The_Jiz View Post
I've been saying for the longest time that face turns and heel turns shouldn't be so obvious. The fact the system is so apparent for fans is why they will never get a face over.

The past year guys like Cody ziggler miz had gotten huge positive reactions. If that isn't a sure sign to turn them I don't know what is(im aware of miz). I hate the notion of "playing" a face. If you are liked than you will do well. I believe wade barret and del Rio can be successful faces because they are likable in the cool sense unlike vickie who might as well hold a ima bad guy sign over her head every night.

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I disagree, every heel gets popped on a certain occasion, doesn't mean they should turn him face. That way every guy on the roster would be a face. The reason they get the cheers in the first place are cause the crowd like 'cheering' for bad guys. Also Del Rio is not likeable in a cool sense, Del Rio is as anti-cool as someone can get, he is boring as hell.

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