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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by DFUSCMAN View Post
Punk's not going to make his feud with the rock about i'm here every week and you are not. Punk's going to have more freedom than cena because cena was still trying to save face against rock. Cena couldn't go all out pure heel against rock, which punk can do.

I'm ok with rock, he's one of the most charismatic of all time but his promos are just ok with me, I have problems with his subject matter for promos. But I want intense rock, not corny joke, trend on twitter rock. Punk's the best mic worker from this current era and is going to make rock step up his game. I literally can't wait for this feud, it's going to be the only part of the rumble i'm genuinely looking forward to.

It should be good match, punk's 2011-2012 run has been exceptional and he can get a good match out of almost anybody, rock's an ok-good worker so I do have high hopes.

I'm still holding out hope for a Punk/Cena/Rock triple threat for the title at Mania. Punk walks in as the champion of course by beating rock at the rumble by some awesome dickish heel way.
I def understand the Rock promo criticisms. I too believe that hes at his best when he's serious, which he has done in the past.

But I sure hope you are right about the Rock/Punk feud. Everything I have seen from Rock/Punk so far leads to it going the wrong way and hopefully it doesn't. I dont want any DWYANE talk, movie bashing, respect, you left and im here bull shit. Its so lame. Make it over the title, throw a few of those elements in there, but the title and showing who is the best needs to be the focus of the feud. I agree that Punk/Rock should be a nice start to the year. You can already tell Rock is going to be alot more serious this time around from his face off with Punk on RAW 1000, and since Punk is a heel, the dynamic will be much better. WWE needs to get Punk his balls back and cut the cowardly shit too. The Rumble PPV needs to have a good supporting cast while Im talking about it. Last years was pretty bad. They have a solid title match in the works, so WWE needs to step it up. Kick the year off right with a solid PPV.
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