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Re: Who will close out WM 30?

Originally Posted by Shawn Morrison View Post
Taker vs Cena is the obvious choice for closing the show, and i see Taker winning cause Cena winning would cause the biggest outrage in Wrestling history.

Punk will likely headline WM 29 against Rock (and Cena) anyway, so he will get that accomplishment on his list. WM 30 will likely be Taker's last and against Cena, which will most certainly main event. Punk/Austin doesn't need to main event, it is a type of match that just needs to be on the card and it would be a show-stealer. EPIC matches like HBK/Taker WM 25, Taker/HHH WM 28, Flair/HBK WM 24, Hogan/Rock WM 18, etc. were not main events. Cena/Taker needs to be main event more than Punk/Austin does. Punk/Austin will be epic but it doesn't need to be the main event, Cena/Taker is much bigger for most fans.
Cena winning would cause such an outrage, and that is why it should happen. You talk about one of the top moments in wrestling history that would be it. Plus, I think deep down, alot of fans want to see Cena turn heel, and I bet they would sacrifice the streak just for it to happen. Me being a Cena fan aside, it just makes no sense for Taker's last opponent to lose. That means there would be no finality to Taker's career. I know most of you hate Cena too much to admit, but he is the only person you could trust with such an accolade: Ending the Streak. Seriously, there is no one else left for Taker to face if he defeats Cena. This is the main reason why I actually want Cena to lose at WM 29, even he is facing Rock again. He needs to put over the edge.

I do agree with you that it should be the only match to even be considered the main event of such a milestone show. Punk and Austin is one of those matches that could be put on mid show. Cena/Taker is one of those matches where if you put it on mid show, regardless of the outcome, fans will be sitting on their hands for the rest of the night. Punk/Austin is not going to be the "edgy" Cena/Rock feud that everyone thinks it's going to be. I LOVE Stone Cold Steve Austin and HATE CM Punk, but Steve is just not that relevant at this point in time. Add the fact that we see him almost every year except for this one. We had not seen Rock for seven years. He will get the nostalgia pop but that will not justify a main event spot on the same card as Cena/Taker. Hell, I don't think any match should be main eventing over Cena/Taker. It is one of those matches at WM that will have a huge impact after it is all said and done.
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