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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Angle booking
#136: Angle Booking Upgrade (Part 1)

To improve the user-friendliness of booking angles, the screen in question now includes a special "quick filter" feature.

Just above the area where you select the workers who are involved are a line of buttons, split into two - on one side are the buttons Everyone \ Faces \ Heels, while on the other are buttons for each possible push (i.e. Main Event, Upper Midcard, etc).

With the latter set, right-clicking cycles through on or off (i.e. clicking Main Event once turns it off, clicking a second time turns it back on) while left-clicking makes that the only one turned on (i.e. left-clicking Upper Midcard turns everything else off except Upper Midcard itself, which is turned on).

By default, the filter starts with Everyone and all the pushes turned on.

Beside each worker is a tick box indicating whether the quick filters apply to them or not - the default is that everyone is ticked. If unticked, the dropdown box simply contains all the workers who are available.

As an example, if you had an angle with two people in it and you wanted the first to be one of your main event heels and the second to be a babyface manager or personality, but couldn't remember which workers filled those roles, you could do it in just a few clicks. You would just have to click Heels and left-click Main Event to get an appropriate list. You would then untick the first worker's filter box, click Faces, left-click Manager, right-click Personality, and you would have an appropriate list.

This improves the experience as, unlike previous versions, you do not have to remember which workers are at which pushes in your company, nor who the faces and heels are. Also, as the filter is on-screen and does not need to be opened in a separate window, it is quicker to use. Finally, unlike most other filters, this can be applied to specific boxes, not all at once. This therefore makes booking angles a much easier and more user-friendly process.
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