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Re: would one world title really be better for wwe?

They originally split the roster and brought in a second world title because they had TOO much talent on their hands. Now that couldn't be further from the truth. They don't have ENOUGH talent. They book SD stars on Raw, there are no clear cut divisions in the card, they don't treat either title with the respect it deserves, the WWE title plays second fiddle to Cena and the WHC plays third fiddle to those 2. I think combining the rosters and the title is a great idea right now. Go back and start from scratch. Get rid of the guys who are taking up space and not doing anything/not ready. Send them back to developmental and call them up when they are ready. One title and one roster means less spots at the top. No more coasting. I also think it will mean the return of guys actually moving up the card, through the divisions to get to the top level again, they way it used to be. If they can book one world title and one roster when they had Rock, Austin, HHH, Taker, Foley, Kane, HBK, Bret, Angle and the list goes on then they can sure as hell do it with what they have now. Then in a few years when they sort their shit out, hopefully they'll be at the stage where they'll be forced to split things again.

Everybody talks about the start of a new era and all that shit. I don't even think it needs to be something that substantial. The entire product is stale as shit right now. It's tired and redundant. If they just gutted the whole thing and started making changes, meaningful changes, I think the difference would be staggering tbh. When Vince first announced the draft it was a HUGE deal. If they had him or even HHH come out and announce this, the merging of the rosters and the unification of the world titles to kick of another new era, I think it would be great and really refreshing.

/rant over lol.
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