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Re: Worst WWE Finishers?

I would say Scotty Too Hotty's "The Worm" but quite honestly, I can't recall him beating anybody with it.

And "The People's Elbow" I will defend because it usually comes after a big move like The Rock Bottom or a Spinebuster, so you could say it is part of a sequence rather than just a stand alone finisher. Same goes for The Warrior Splash and The Hogan Legdrop.

Anyways, my picks:

Dino Bravo's "Side Suplex" = Awful. First of all, it is a Side Walk Slam, not a "Side Suplex". Second, lots of power guys utilized this move as a regular part of their set and they made it look a shit ton more devastating than Bravo ever did. Every time Bravo won with that thing I was like "Really?"

Shawn Michaels' "Side Suplex" = Before Sweet Chin Music, Shawn Michaels had a far less impressive finishing move also called the Side Suplex. Try to think of it as a lazy or incomplete version of the Angle Slam. Thank God they came up with Sweet Chin Music, because this thing was totally dull, which is not a good fit for one of the most exciting performers around.

The Heart Punch = Utilized by Stan "The Man" Stasiak & various others, this move is the wimpiest thing ever. Nobody ever got it to look like it was that devastating of a hit and I always scratched my head whenever someone got a win with it. Umaga's "Samoan Spike" was somewhat similar to me, and felt even more useless since Umaga had dozens of more painful looking moves in his aresenal.

And my number one worst ever...

Santino's Cobra = Goddamn it that is the worst thing ever. It combines the silliness of The Worm with softness of The Heart Punch. Hell, most of the time, it doesn't even look like Santino is hitting the guy.


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