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Re: Who wins in a fight? Batman vs. Superman

Originally Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7 View Post
I'm going to stay out of this because I know this topic could easily get me heated when it shouldn't be that serious. I will say this. I hate how some people argue that Superman sucks and is boring because he's overpowered and is unbeatable, and then go on to state that Batman always win and with enough prep time he can beat anyone or anything. I guess it's okay to write a character as if he has super powers and is unbeatable as long as people roll with the notion that this character has no powers.
I completely feel you on that. Some guy posted this on youtube about Superman when commenting on the man of steel trailer and it's tottally how I see superman as well and why hes an interesting character to me

"This film will hopefully destroy that idiotic image people have of superman being "Too Perfect, or just Too Unrealistic", he is a deep character who STRIVES and TRIES to ALWAYS do the RIGHT thing, not because it's EASY for him to do so because "HE'S TOO PERFECT", but in reality it's the CONTRARY. He does it because it's the most DIFFICULT thing for him to do, he has to set the example for everyone and not me corrupted by his power. That's a HUGE burden to carry on your shoulders if you ask me"

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