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Re: Make CM Punk the "Vegeta" in the WWE

Originally Posted by avais100 View Post
I appreciate the amount of thought you put into your argument and I agree with you a lot that Cena is no longer the guy who beats the odds, the difference is that Cena is the face in this relationship between him and CM punk, that's why I compare him to goku bcoz he stands for being a hero etc... Where as punk on the other hand is more like vegeta, wanting respect and to be treated like the best and always playing second fiddle.

Cm punk beat them people yet in keyfabe he is still second, even with his wins its evident he isn't the 'main character', although the comparisons differ slightly theres space for cm punk to complete his character development and enter a vageta like role, being the second mose popular, one who's always striving for power and recognition, talking about his pride and destiny as the best in the world and even in taking a loss he can do it in an epic way then show him flipping out and questioning his strength.

It can be done, although not exactly how it was in dbz but somewhere on that level...its a character people can relate to, striving to.be the best against people who.may be more talented than you ultimately making.you.push yourself to prove yourself.

Sorry for the bad grammar I'm typing on phone.

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Yeah, I see what you mean. Just wanted to point out he didn't really compare to Vegeta due to being undefeated at PPVs. The wanting to be recognized by Cena (or Goku, in your analogy), is similar though.

It's just hard to run that sorta storyline when WWE's already put Punk over as WWE champ for a year straight. Seems a bit out of place for him to outright act like he's chasing Cena when he's been champ this whole time.

Originally Posted by CM12Punk View Post
Just winning matches over and over doesn't make you "Superman". It's how you win the match that counts. Cena's matches majority of the time consists of him getting beat up and winning clean or losing unclean. Punk's matches are usually always back and forth and doesn't seem forced like Cena.
Winning a 5 man elimination match pretty much makes you superman by default imo. Especially when you're supposed to be the guy everyone's gunning to take out. That's the only match I used the word "superman" to refer to, not just winning any old match.

I agree with your point, but the problem is, I didn't say anything to warrant saying it. :P

As for Cena's matches seeming forced by comparison, I dunno dude. Punk has a similar "build up finish" to Cena. Irish whip, corner knee, bulldog, elbow, GTS. It just resolves a lot slower than Cena's 5 moves of doom.
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