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Re: WWE has failed at..

Originally Posted by Khalid Hassan View Post
WWE has failed at ...properly booking Survivor Series lol. What a clusterF*** that has become!
This Survivor Series is possibly going to be the first one ever that I don't buy since they've been charging UK customers to watch it on Sky Box Office. It's just not appealing to me as something I feel is a 'must see' event at all.

Not meaning to stray off topic too much into another 'which WWE year has been the worst' debate as there's alreay threads for that...but this year, for the first time ever in just over 20 years has been the year when I've really stopped giving a shit about PPVs and feeling like they're not worth my time or money anymore, all thanks to WWE's crappy almost non existent storylines, haphazard booking, random matches thrown onto the card at the last minute and just not much in the way of build or excitement towards them. The rot really set in for me just before No Way Out 2012, which became the first ever WWE PPV on Sky Box Office that I refused to pay for....a combination of crap like a minor Cena/Big Show feud main eventing over the WWE Championship (which itself wasn't involved in an interesting feud) and other bullshit like a pointless Santino vs Ricardo Rodriguez Tuxedo Match being added after it was mentioned on Twitter a couple of days before. Now I'm faced with Survivor Series...which should be one of the biggest PPVs of the year and have something about it that makes me want to see it (last year had The Rock at least) but instead I'm just thinking 'meh' because of the extremely sloppy build and the horribly random rebooking of the card by Vince last week out of nowhere.

Point is, if WWE can't do something to make fans like me want to pay for PPVs...fans like me who carried on watching and remaining optimistic all the way through Diesel's year long title reign and probably the worst time asides from now to be a fan in the mid 1990s, then they've got a serious problem.

What WWE has completely failed at is remembering to entertain the 'core' fanbase that made them as popular as they are in the first place. Instead they've been way too preoccupied with trying to win over a kiddie audience and mainstream approval with political correctness and whoring themselves out to charities, and bringing in money to fund useless ventures like WWE Network (which will likely never get off the ground), WWE Studios (which really just needs to be axed) and Linda McMahon's Senate campaign. And slowly but surely, it's coming back to bite them on the ass. You could see it all over Vince's face when Linda made her losing speech this year.

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