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Re: Who wins in a fight? Batman vs. Superman

In a straight up, no additional variables fight, Superman crushes Batman faster than the speed of light. There is no contest there. But Batman would never be dumb enough to face Superman without some sort of method of stopping him.

If we bring in Kryptonite, and Superman's lead anti Kryptonite suit, that changes things a bit. If Kryptonite is a factor, then Batman has the advantage. But then again, if Superman has the suit to block to Kryptonite, then advantage goes right back to him. Sure, Batman would have some Bat Acid something or other to eat through the suit, but would he have the time to use it? He'd have to know about the suit in advance, prepare to get it off by tricking Superman in someway (BTW, Superman isn't a Batman level intellect, but he's no dummy, so tricking him would be hard to do.)

So to answer the question...it depends on who the writer likes more. Batman has sort of become a Mary Sue in the hands of certain writers, so he would definitely be given the win in most instances.


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