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Re: Official WWE 13 Thread

So just played on some Live matches for the first time in a wwe game:

Match 1 - fought some guy's 100 level CAW as Jericho, he kicked my ass the whole time. Right at the end I managed to counter and get my signature, put him in the Walls of Jericho and he tapped within seconds. That was weird.

Match 2 - Some guy spammed running moves most of the time, then I guess left mid-match or something as he just stopped moving. I gave him a few minutes to return then just made him submit.

Match 3 - This one was pretty fair, some guy was Shamrock and I was Mysterio, only I noticed the pin mini-game is all screwed up. It moves without me pressing anything and stops also without me pressing anything. Is it different or is it just lag? He pinned me in a rollup when I was barely hurt.

Match 4 - Some tag match with Billy Gunn vs Hogan and Jeff Hardy, everyone spammed running moves the whole time and it lagged a bunch.

Match 5 - It was me as Kane with Daniel Bryan vs Eddie and Jericho tornado tag, and this one really annoyed me only because everyone was actually playing fairly and yet I was lagging or something. I'd run at someone but ignore him as I'd still be targeted on the other guy halfway across the ring so breaking up submissions was completely impossible, everything would slow down, and again the pinning system did whatever it wanted to do. I can't figure that out.

Overall online seems to be a bit of a clusterfuck, especially for the pinning system as I'm usually really good at kicking out of that. But I had the connection bars up all the way for the last two matches so I don't think it was likely lag...

If someone wants to play I'm DanMarino1... though it's on the 360. rden Just let me know you're from WF.
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