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Re: I Hate Nerds.

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
I'm glad this rant is not about some other user or about how shitty the rants section is,Really its refreshing.However this doesn't change the fact that I think your rant is complete fucking shit and I disagree with you fully.

Why do you instantly assume some nerd is gonna marry a girl who cheats on him daily? This might sound cheesy "especially for you" but don't you think the chick would be with him because she loves him? Or is it in your world chicks only fall in love with big strong rich studs? Thats not how the world works.

Also why do you assume all nerds are wimps who can never stand up for themselves? Do you actually believe everything you see on cartoons or something? I know plenty of nerds who not of nerds who not only stand up for themselves,But are assholes who sometimes bully others.However lets assume all nerds are wimps who can't stand up for themselves,Whats the point in degrading weak people? You help weak people you don't degrade them because they're weak.I used to get bullied at school ALLOT for being somewhat a nerd,I learned to stand up to people because a bunch of people helped me get up and now I don't take shit from anybody.If given the chance people will stand up to themselves,And assuming all "nerds" are people who never stand up for themselves is damn right stupid.

You hate nerds? Are you jealous they're actually most of the time intelligent people who aren't failures at school?
I don't bully people.

And let's don't act like the nerds don't get the left overs.

you wasted time reading this
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