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Re: Bully

WTF happened in here since my last post. In case it wasn't blindly obvious the only account I have is mine and I was being sarcastic. I never expected that response. Wowzas. Platt on the other hand.....
Originally Posted by Dunk20 View Post
Interesting that you say that, being an admin and all. What's the point in having rules then? I was banned for saying "fuck you" in a live discussion thread, and you can create accounts just to have a "laugh". Ban me if you want, but fuck you. You are actually encouraging people to break the rules that way.

An admin saying that half of the accounts actually were created by them? That's fucked up.

Also, fuck you all for taking things so fucking seriously! I come here everyday to escape a bit from real life! Why the fuck do you all feel the need to make things look so personal??! It takes less then one minute to reply to a troll, it takes over that time to make fucking testaments over people who lick butts and take this far to seriously!

What's wrong with having people make friendships instead of e-wars? Jesus.
Originally Posted by Andy3000 View Post
Obvious answer to all this tomfoolery is to put me back on staff.

I just want to watch the world burn.
You fucked up big time by taking that holiday. Fuck do you think this job is? YOU DON'T TAKE NO HOLIDAY FROM THIS JOB AND EXPECT TO BE WELCOMED BACK WITH LOVING TENDER ARMS.


Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
The amount of people taking this seriously is astounding.

Originally Posted by NoyK View Post
The amount of people that got butthurt and took Seabs's post seriously is sadly amusing. If that makes sense.
Please fuck off trying to rebuild your reputation on here.

Also it's Seabs'. GET THIS RIGHT PEOPLE.

Oh and

yay at this returning. The Ashley Cole one even made an appearance the other day in the footie thread.
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