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Re: Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

If you want him to get over as a heel that way I'm not so sure having him make fun of Linda's failed senate run is a good way to go about doing that.

Still I've always thought that a "heel" who gets over denouncing wrestling, sort of like Foley and 'cane Dewey', and bringing up issues about wrestlers not getting medical care and stuff like that would get over pretty well. Maybe after a particularly brutal injury letting them "see the light" and waking them to the danger of wrestling and how wrestlers kill themselves and destroy their bodies to make Vince rich, compare it to gladiators getting eaten for amusement, etc. Eventually building up to them forming sort of a cult of followers and becoming the very thing they kept fighting against. I doubt it'd go down like that in any case nowadays, Vince wouldn't want these issues brought up on his own show.

Regardless there's really no point in turning Kofi heel. He's already over as a face and still is despite doing almost nothing for 2 years. Just give the guy a push already instead of forcing every other guy on the roster into the main event first. I don't even know if Kofi would work as a heel, we've barely seen him work the mic and whatnot as a face. I wish they'd just give him a chance.
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