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Re: What did your Grandfather do for a living?

Grandfather on my mother's side worked in the pit next to Cal's grandfather. My grandfather was stupid beyond belief and talked too much (he still won't shut up) and they eventually started to call him "Dummy." He wore a big 'D' on his helmet and apparently Sir Alex Ferguson stole his pit lamps. Only part of that that isn't the stone cold truth is the bit about him working next to Cal's grandfather. IDK if that happened or not, but I doubt it. Rest is true. After that he went to WAR against Hitler. I don't think he shot anybody. Don't think they'd give him a gun. Or a club or a stick or a badge in case he stabbed himself. He was called DUMMY, after all. Came home and drove busses for a living until he got mugged one night in the bus station. Got the absolute shit kicked out of him by some cunt that wound up jailed for repeat offences. My grandfather got a shit load of compensation years later, bought a big fucking jeep like he always wanted, and still drives it to this day. He's 83 and partially deaf and has no kneecaps and a million other ailments, and should probably be detained or at least stripped of a driver's licence, but he's still alive and kicking. He visits me pretty regularly and talks the biggest load of horseshit you've ever heard. I think he's retarded, but w/e. That'll be me some day. Better him than my father, anyway.

Grandfather on my dad's side died when I was pretty young. Never really saw him all that much before then, though. He was religious (which is hilarious considering my old man's been divorced so many times they won't let him back in the chapel. Shit, maybe that's what killed him) and...that's about all I know. He went loopy with the senile dementia and he probably didn't like me because I swore all the time and routinely cursed Jesus. And that's when I was 6. If only he could see how I turned out.
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