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Make CM Punk the "Vegeta" in the WWE

Okay for those of you who dont know, there's an old popular show called Dragonball Z that I used to watch as a kid, it contained a variety of different characters all with their own powerlevels and goals.

The main character is a man called Goku, he's like the Anime version of John Cena, always rising above the odds and beating foes, standing for good e.t.c

The secondary character is a guy called Vegeta, at first he was thrown into the show as the main Villain, only to lose to Goku (john cena) and from then on was always jelous and instead of fighting for "good", used every situation to try and outdue Goku and beat him, always worrying about his pride as a warrior.

Now picture this scenario...John Cena loses to a big star, lets say the rock, the next day John cena whilst making a speech about how the better man won, blah blah blah, CM punks music hits and he comes out with the mic and is severely disappointed in John Cena "how could you lose, your meant to be the best in this company right now, this makes my ambition of beating you pointless if your not the best" BANG pipe bomb, CM punk proceeds to take advantage of injured John cena, beats him up. Then has a legit reason for beating The rock.

This sets us up with 2 stars, always trying to outdue each other, both have respect for each other but at the same time want to be the best. You could have them try to team up to beat a new stable or enemy, only for them to fall out midway and start a brawl with each other. Or have CM punk come out and save John Cena from a threat because only to say the reason he did it was so he could beat up John Cena with his own hands.

^ Just a little insight in their rivalry and some key plot points. In a way the reason i came up with this thread is because both characters are alike, CM Punk has always been overshadowed by John Cena, its time to deepen their relationship from just "i demand respect" and "nobody cares that your the champion"...make it something as epic as Stone Cold and The rock, who were shown to respect each other greatly, even going as far as to say they bring the best out of each other to hype PPV's.

My first thread on this forum, honest opinons and criticisms are welcome, try not to judge me too much if you think it sucks coz im slightly high :L

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