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Kofi a "Liberal heel"?

Politics, and wrestling aren't the greatest combination, but JBL did a solid job with his role as that prejudice, right-winged Conservative back in his glory days feuding with Eddie Guerrero. Now that it seems The Miz is turning "face" it may be possible that we see a gradual "heel" turn on the crowd, base on how they receive this side of Kofi. I would have a gut feeling that a strong part of the wrestling audience would probably boo Kingston if he were to start about his Political views whether they are made up, or not. Then again they may even cheer him.

It just strikes me that the WWE Universe could easily turn on him should he talk about how much he supports Obama, and was glad Linda McMahon failed her second election. Kofi could talk about how she is a Conservative who just spent nearly $100 million dollars of her husbands money. Words like this could send shock waves through the WWE Universe. I could imagine this even making headline news. Kingston says that he busts his ass off every putting his body on the line, and he can't even be provided with quality health care.

Kingston says that money could have went to medical research, and find out why so many of "us" are dying after our careers are over. Granted the WWE is PG, so I wouldn't imagine him saying anything about dying wrestlers, but perhaps badly crippled wrestlers. Each week he would come out with some past star, or mid card talent, and show the world what professional wrestling does to their bodies. He says Linda, and Vince are rich pigs who sit on their wealth, and let the wrestlers at the bottom scratch, and stab each other in the backs all while they profit.

Kofi explains that he is angry, and his anger drove him to become the current Intercontinental Champion. Then out of no where Antonio Cesaro's music hits. The United States Champion comes out, and begins to exchange words with Kingston. Cesaro says that Kingston is exactly the problem with America. Antonio says that Kingston believes everything should just be handed to him on a silver platter because he has worked hard enough. Cesaro says he was traveling the world for a decade until he finally reached his dreams making it to the WWE. Cesaro says Kofi has been in the WWE for more than half a decade, and has accomplished nothing, and thinks he deserves everything. Both men drop their mics, and begin to exchange blows.
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