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Re: Florida Man Kills Himself Because of Obama

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
i didnt say we should kill anyone. Maybe you should read my post again. I said that if you're going to do something as reckless as kill yourself over a political election, then you dont deserve to live.
You're saying a person doesn't deserve to live for being a complete moron,Should we also say retards don't deserve life because they're useless and simply retarded?

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
YOLO mentions make me fucking cringe.
I don't mean them by the way you think,You get to live once to you've got to make the best decisions of your life everyday and not do reckless shit like most YOLO retards do.

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
Where the fuck did I mention the Death Penalty, Hitler, or Stalin? Fuck, you're dense. You even said life is precious. So why the fuck are you rationalizing away someone's suicide over an election?
You don't have to mention the death penalty,I just felt like sharing.I'm not saying what the guy did is justified,When the fuck did I say that? I'm saying I felt bad for him because his stupidity lead him to commit suicide.


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