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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

This is actually a very interesting breakdown...

First thing is first, thank god the end of the segment lost more than the Lawler return gained, as it should. While it probably means they tuned out whenFoley came out/during Foley's speech, it's obviously because of that shit they had Punk and Heyman do. I would've turned off Raw at that point as well had it not been for Foley coming out (and he delivered). But yeah, great news when a disgusting segment like that loses.

Ryback/Maddoxx gaining? Wow, I mean... just shows what happens when you have a good build up for a match. But even then, Ryback is turning into a true proven ratings draw. He still has his losses, but if he keeps this up like doing the best 10PM number in 4 months (and it was a great rating in today's WWE for the segment as well), he'll be a bigger ratings draw than even Cena in a few months. We'll see what happens. I've been becoming a fan of Ryback over the last month or two and I've been enjoying his face character as it's a fresh breath of air from the normal corny top babyfaces we've gotten in the last 2 years (which I'm sure is part of the reason he's drawing so well, but still it is what it is). I'm hoping Ryback continues this success in the ratings.

I do wonder though, if during the match more people tuned in in hopes of seeing Lesnar. I suppose it would be a long shot for the casuals, but I mainly tuned in to see Lesnar pop out of that ambulance.

Punk/Cena lost viewers initially, but then gained in the overrun, which is normal. It shows though that the mega-appeal of the match has been worn away and Punk/Cena, at least for a Raw, just isn't the big time draw anymore.

Sheamus/Otunga losing 900,000+ viewers is terrible, but expected right Ryback destroyed Maddox.

I'm watching you...

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