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Default Re: Florida Man Kills Himself Because of Obama

Originally Posted by WWCturbo View Post
You are either lying or not imagining the situation and what you would really do. Personally I would probably start hitting nails on the arms, legs, hands and etc. that's just for starters. If I couldn't get my hands on the bastard then I'd like him/her to fry.
Oh don't get me wrong,I'd want that runt dead but I'd try to control myself since I'd never want to be a killer like him because killing the person wouldn't make me feel better.You're right,I can't imagine this accurately because I wouldn't exactly know what my emotions would be,But I'm saying right now whilst I'm sane and calm I wouldn't want to kill anybody.

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
Judging by your posts in rants, seems like your emotions would tell you to "kill the fucker and fuck his corpse".

But, I digress. It's obvious the guy wanted to die. He got what he wanted, therefor, got what he deserved.
You actually think I like fucking corpses?

Anyway I know he wanted to die but he's a dumbass so he doesn't know what he really wants,Suicide is just a stupid way of trying to escape due to giving up and complete depression.People who are suicidal need help,Because with mental help people do not stay suicidal forever.
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