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Re: How would you make faces likeable again? (create/recreate a top babyface)

What I want basically is for the heels to become faces without changing their character and the faces to be replaced with bigger heels than the current heels. WWE does a fairly decent job of booking faces, but they portray those faces as heels (and have them lose too often). The characters WWE wants their fans to cheer are simply uninteresting and should be replaced by monster heels and truly evil heels that are easy to hate.

For example, the Alberto Del Rio VS Sheamus feud would have been better if they reversed the face and heel. Sheamus should have been booked as the monster heel that was constantly bullying Del Rio and Del Rio as the underdog who kept coming back and giving his best effort to fight against the big bully. The crowd would have been behind Del Rio and would hate Sheamus. Another example is with John Cena. Basically keep John Cena as the same bullying character, but turn the bullying up a few notches and portray his victim as sympathetic and Cena will have massive heat. The way to re-establish good faces and heels in WWE is to have all the top faces in WWE (also including CM Punk and Big Show) join forces in some massive heel faction to hold onto their spots and basically hold down everybody else on the roster. To make things somewhat more original, WWE should have them go after every title, with each wrestler not particularly caring which specific belt they hold (for example, Cena wouldn't care if he's the US Champ or WWE Champ, so long as his group holds all the gold). If their opponents are treated as credible, WWE can get new, sympathetic, faces over to go against their former top faces. That could really get the likes of Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio and Cody Rhodes over huge as faces. Cena, Orton, Sheamus, Punk, Big Show and Ryback could all be over huge as heels if WWE did this. WWE should ideally keep Lesnar, Rock, Foley, Taker and HHH out of this because they are part-timers and should be used as part-time faces (without overshadowing the other faces too much) because all of them are beloved by the fans.
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