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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
Cal has a pretty good one too in the WWE thread. Just search no surrender and you'll find a great few pages of discussion on it. I think someone mentions BIG DAVE!~ giving it ****1/2 too.

Thought I had Turning Point downloaded and ready to watch tonight. Turns the second half of the .rar file didnt dl. boo-urns. I might go watch Sacrifice though since I have that and talking about it in that other thread made me want to go watch the show from start to finish. Or I could just get high. WHO KNOWS
DAVE gives it ****1/4. Fuckin Angle love

Get high and watch Sacrifice. Dude, that might make Bully vs Aries even BETTER. I know getting stoned makes watching Lucha matches the coolest thing ever.

Originally Posted by Jack Evans 187 View Post
Thanks to ShopTNA's wonderful sales the past two months I'm about to dive in to this year's streak of great PPVs for the company, starting with Sacrifice. Just wanna tell you guys I'm pretty fuckin excited. haha. One thing I'd really like to see though is somehow releasing matches from Impact this year. Bonus matches on dvd or just give us a whole new set sometime soon, but it'll be a damn shame if some of these matches never see release. They're crankin out good ones every week it seems.

Anyone know the release date for Hardcore Justice/No Surrender pack? I literally check the site everyday.
Well, don't get your hopes up for Hardcore Justice or No Surrender. Those weren't good shows at all. Especially No Surrender. The last 30 minutes of that PPV are a mindfuck. Bad enough Aries had a random schmoz brawl w/Mike Knox that went nowhere too.

Sacrifice & Slammiversary OWN though. I want to purchase those shows since I enjoyed them so much. That's what a hot crowd can do for a show. Slammiversary is a blast even though it doesn't even come close to having the "highest marks" for all the matches on the show. Sacrifice is a pretty complete show overall. Their best "wrestling" PPV. Destination X was another good one although the random matches that occupy the first half are whatever. Roode vs Aries is enough to make the show worth a watch.

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