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Re: Transexual Couple - Unlikely Couple

Originally Posted by Purple Aki View Post
See, he hasn't broken any laws. He hasn't taken adventage of the girl.

There is a reason why the sex age is at a certain age, not a date age.

Fucking a child against their will is wrong.

A guy fucking a dude in the ass who wants it is not wrong.

A woman eating out another womans monkey is not wrong.

If they love each other, then it is alright.
You are right but look at the asian couple. After reading the story and some comments on a website where some people think this is so romantic and cute I really start to think like WWC that in some years we will have underage marriages, especially if this sicko really waits some years for her and the "romantic story" turns out to be a success and they really marry.
Do you know how many similar cases we will have in the future then? I wonder what goes through the head of this sicko "what a cute little girl, I bet she will be really hot one day and I dream every night to finally touch her"

And the "he can be with her because he hasn't broken any laws" comment is a sign that in 5-10 years this world will be even more fucked up
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