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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by THANOS View Post
If the overall viewership determines it then no one is a draw on the current roster including Cena, because no matter how much his or Punk's segments gain, the OVERALL viewership is low so they're not draws by your logic. You seem to understand that there are other aspects of the show that occur randomly with no purpose that sink the ratings, yet still seem unwilling to place any validation on people that cause consistent gains on the tired and drawn out show.

The biggest draw factor on the entire show are the, albeit rare but, good storylines. They hardly ever occur but when they do, those are the only things that cause consistent growth in this era. Create creative storylines for everyone on the roster and the ratings will sort themselves out.
Nobody full-time is a draw, really. Even when they come up with good storylines, the ratings are low. Last year, the go-home show for MITB 2011 only got a 2.9 and that's way before the 2s became the norm. And the people that gain viewers when they are on are always given spots that are reliable gainers or always given a reason to make people care about them. Best example is Punk. He gets plenty of TV time, storylines, is the champion and everything. So how can he NOT gain viewers? It's just the standard formula of the weekly breakdowns. All the filler with directionless guys in meaningless matches cause huge losses but when a reliable spot comes around, there's a gain and depending on how many tuned out, they all return which is reflected every time by the number of viewers gained.

And to all the butthurt Punk marks that wanna cry about things said here ("You blame him for viewers lost but give everyone except him credit when his segments gain") - I'm just joking around. Apparently, I struck a nerve with some guy called Mockfrog when I jokingly credited "The Fruit" aka Cena for the 3rd hour numbers as it's his fifth time or something where he tries (& fails) to red rep me as if his non-existent rep power will do anything, lol. And similarly, many other Punk marks are mad at me too since they respond to me like wild animals everywhere I post.
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