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Re: Transexual Couple - Unlikely Couple

Originally Posted by DualShock View Post
A very good point. Now some people will post here "you can't compare homosexuality with pedophilia" but there is a case with an asian couple. He is 24 and she is 12 and they are in love. Now some people defend it because they never had sex and he never kissed her but he promised to wait until she is old enough
5-10 years ago someone would beat this motherfucker to death only because of these 2 pics and now this is somehow romantic

You have really a point that in 50 years we will even have underage marriages, hell, after this case even in 10-20 years.
See, he hasn't broken any laws. He hasn't taken adventage of the girl.

There is a reason why the sex age is at a certain age, not a date age.

Originally Posted by WWCturbo View Post
My q is "Where is the line?". 50 years ago same sex marriage was out of the question and homosexuality was pretty much taboo. Now everyone is shouting "But if they love each other, it's alright!" and now it's considered normal (in our society). Where do we go from here? Maybe 50 years later we'll be legalizing underage marriages then? A 40-year old will have a right to marry a 12-year old girl because come on "They love each other, so that's ok.". Everyone is becoming such a pussy in this society that it's not even funny. And don't say that BS like underage marriage isn't gonna happen because the same thing was said about same sex marriage decades ago... and look where we are now.
Fucking a child against their will is wrong.

A guy fucking a dude in the ass who wants it is not wrong.

A woman eating out another womans monkey is not wrong.

If they love each other, then it is alright.

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