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Re: How would you make faces likeable again? (create/recreate a top babyface)

Give them an attitude. I don't mean "Attitude Era", I just mean an attitude. People like John Cena and Sheamus are such fucking pussies, they crack bad jokes, they lose world titles and come out smiling the next night, etc. That's why, as incredibly untalented as he is, Ryback has gotten over so well, he has an attitude, he's an unfeeling monster who destroys people. That's what people want, they don't want Barney the dinosaur, this isn't the 1980's. Babyfaces need an edge to them, whether that edge be as a killer, or as a trash talker who doesn't take crap from anybody, they need to be catering to today's audience, and what today's audience wants is not a smiling, happy go lucky idiot. This isn't the crowd that leaves out milk and cookies for Santa anymore.

They need a lot more mic time to showcase their personalities too. Also, as we've seen with Ryback, catchphrases WORK. Get back to them. We've wandered too far away from catchphrases. And his isn't even good, what a STUPID catchphrase, and yet the crowd loves it, so imagine what you can do with a good one, like they used to have back in the day.

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