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Re: Canadian Man Going To Jail For Racist Forum Messages

Originally Posted by The Great Below View Post
Guess what? You can call your boss fat without breaking the law. Just like you can go to the bar and do that. What stops you? Consequences of getting fired and getting your ass beat like the pussy you are. Guess what neither of those consequences come with? Jail time. Your analogies are shit.

Reactions != breaking the law.

If your minuscule ability to use reasoning and logic doesn't allow you to see the stark contrast between illegal actions (child porn) and calling your boss fat, then we have bigger problems in this society than the constant pussificiation you're advocating.
I never said anything about going to jail over calling your boss fat. My point was that there are consequences for your actions. Harassment is illegal. You obviously are unaware of that, and in all honesty he is being disorderly. Have you ever been arrested, or do you know anything about the law? A cop can practically place you under arrest for simply acting disorderly. Would you go out in to public shouting racial obscenities? At some point when you make a big fuss in public the Police will show up, and arrest you. Here is a proof for you since you think you know what you are talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw7_PzIsdXw

I certainly see the difference between someone illegally having child porn, and shouting out racial slurs. My point was to illustrate free speech. Like most people I to do not agree with child pornography, or racism however there are people who do. The moment you protect the free speech of the racists, you then have to protect the free speech of the child porn. Pornography just isn't classified as video either. We are talking about something as simple as a picture of a naked child. Do people not have the right to look at pictures on their own computers? Obviously not because it's against the law, but why is shouting out racial slurs on their computer ok? He has no right slandering, and harassing people the same way some pervert has no right looking at naked children.
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