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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

Karl Anderson vs Shelton Benjamin - NJPW 05.08.2012
Yeah I'm seriously nominating a Shelton Benjamin in here. Conclusion? Anderson + New Japan is a winning formula for sub 10 minute matches. Benjamin's good in it tbf actually. Hits his stuff well and doesn't drag the pace down. Anderson is brilliant once again. Kinda funny how people were worried how he might progress this year after Bernard left. One's main eventing Ryoguku and the other is main eventing Superstars. Wrestling is a funny business. Anderson's totally got this sub 10 minute sprint type match nailed down to a tee.


Toru Yano vs Minoru Suzuki - NJPW 05.08.2012
Is there anyone as consistently entertaining as Yano in 2012? Seriously. Dude delivers everytime. Isn't a technical masterpiece but he doesn't try to be. He has his shtick and he works it perfectly. Really there was no way this match wasn't gonna be good in a New Japan midcard but even with my expectations they raised the bar that bit further. For those who watched the Yano/Marufuji match from G1 and wanted someone that didn't suck working that match with Yano well this is it. Yano's in full on troll mode and MiSu aint taking none of it. Yano's reaction when Suzuki first goes for the arm is amazing and sets up him cowering away from Suzuki at every opening Suzuki has. Totally works with Suzuki's background too as he's credible as a guy who will kill a guy like Yano in a wrestling ring. The count out near fall absolutely ruled. That's the type of spot I want in my wrestling, not Davey Richards kicking someone in the head 20 times to get a near fall. I much prefer Yano having his own dastardly deeds turned around on him to produce a near fall. Finish reflects the match perfectly along with the reactions. Another great reference for Suzuki being sleeper WOTY in New Japan too. 8 minutes of literally everything I want from a midcard match. Minute for minute maybe my favourite match of the year.


Kazuchika Okada vs Shinsuke Nakamura - NJPW 05.08.2012
I think everyone knew this was probably gonna be really good and alas it was. It's another example of a hot New Japan finishing stretch taking a good match and turning it into a great match. They're the fucking best. Full of counters until one guy finally hits his finisher and does what it says on the label, finishes it. Some neat character work in there too. Loved Nakamura's reaction to punking Okada out at the start and Okada receipts it later on in equally great fashion. I really hope Okada gets a long title run in 2013 because New Japan needs fresh main events after giving Tanahashi another year on top and having to resort to weaker opponents to keep his matches fresh like Tanaka, Marufuji and Yujiro. These 2 will probably main event a show next year and it'll be awesome. If Okada gets that long title run next year then you may as well hand him WOTY straight away because there's no way he wont deliver main eventing with guys like Tanahashi, Naito, Nakamura, Anderson and Nagata all year.

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