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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by GOON The Legend View Post
“…a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” – Thomas Jefferson

“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

“I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” – Thomas Jefferson

P. sure that that the federal government isn't meant to run the lives of other people, but it's not my fault that the federal government has gone off the rails.
You are taking quotes in a time in history that is completely irrelevant in regard to this day, and age. I can't argue that the Federal Government has gotten to large, or powerful because quite frankly they have. I would prefer a decentralized form of Government. However, with that said we live in a Democracy in which we hold elections. If people have such a problem with who is in power we live in a country where we can vote them out. Unfortunately, people aren't as serious about their government as they were in 17th, and 18th century.

We know people go, and out vote because that's what makes us all feel like we have some sort of power in this country. The government has just as much right to make laws that you, and plenty of other people may, or may not agree with. In this case Americans should be less concerned with just voting people in, and more concerned with whom they are actually voting for. You can sit here, and say that our Government is tyrannical, or evil all you'd like. It doesn't eliminate the fact that Americans put that "tyrant" of a Government in to power.

All to often I a see people blame Obama as if he provides jobs, or as if he is responsible for the last 50 years of corruption. We are not a dictatorship, and that's despite what Alex Jones may be telling you. Unfortunately, people have no one to blame, but themselves. It's so easy just to point the finger at the "Government", and say it's their fault. On one hand you all say things like "It's not the Governments job to create jobs". Then on the other hand, you all criticize the Obama Administration for not creating enough jobs. Which one is it?

I happen to believe that the Government has every right to create jobs. In fact when the government does create jobs it's usually contracted out to some private company. My problem with our government is that it allows for larger corporations to not pay taxes the ways in which we pay our own taxes. For example since Wal Mart started nearly 1/3 of all Wal Marts in the United States were paid for by government subsidies. Meaning taxpayers built Wal Marts, you know the largest, and most profitable retailer in the world. If you did some reading yourself you would find that there are Super Center Wal Marts paying less property tax than you, or I do for our homes. Thanks Government.

These are the types of things that piss me off about our Government. Our government, and thus the taxpayers are the largest middle man in the world today, except we normally end up getting screwed. My uncle is a Store Manager at Wal Mart, his store pays out $174 a month in property tax. You have any idea how large a Wal Mart is? I used to own a small business, and I nearly shit myself when I found this out because I was paying 6 times that amount for less than 1500 square ft, and that was in the 90's. You wonder why small business die, and it becomes very clear once you do a little research.

A private energy company, Entergy is another example of a big business taking your tax dollars, and profiting largely from them. It is said that over 200 million dollars in taxes were found to be an overcharge. In fact it was happening all to often in states like Texas, Louisiana, Alabama etc. Taxpayers were being charged for utility lines that weren't even built, and this goes back years. More recently was hurricane Katrina where it was becoming quite clear how bad taxpayers had been taken advantage of.

Do you also believe that it's a privilege to have health care as well? People like you are the problem. It's a born right to have health care, and free health care to boot. We are the only country that treats our health care like a business. Don't give me that "I don't want the government telling me what health care to have" of an argument either. If that's what you believe then you are obviously unaware of what a government run health care program is. For starters non-government health care businesses are opposed to it because they now know they have to compete with our government.

If you know anything about Capitalists, you would know they hate competition. That is why public opinion towards Obama Care is so negative. I have two doctors in my family, and 4 registered nurses. Not one doctor would ever turn a patient away from surgery that could save their life. However, if that person does not have health insurance then the hospital has to eat that bill. Why? Because if you don't have health care chances are you can't afford a medical bill because you don't have a job, or just don't make enough money to afford quality care.

For those who are still living under rocks let me explain. Our health care system is a mess, and that's without government interference. Meaning the private sector has been gauging their customers for years, and not to mention dropping people from their coverage. You know the "death panels" that members of the Conservative party were claiming were in the United States government. Many private health insurance companies drop folks, or simply refuse to give them insurance based on preexisting conditions. Many of you thought that this is what the government will do, but once again turn a blind eye to the fact that it's already happening with the private sector.

The difference between the private sector, and our government is very obvious. If the government is doing something we don't like, we vote them out. We don't have that type of power of private entities. Hence, the reason why I say if we are going to submit out power to any large establishment it should likely be the one that we have "power" over. Once again we have democratic elections, and we the people can make change. The problem with our government in regards to who has control is more likely the reason why people don't trust their government. Today, if you don't have a special interest group, or lobbyists down in DC you won't have much of a say in anything.

It's not like one person goes down to D.C, and makes change. Money talks, and money also makes legislation. Special Interest groups, and lobbyists are showing us the people how to use your government. Nearly $10,000,000 a day is lobbied from our government to mainly larger private establishments. Many of you bitch about welfare for the poor, and claim that out government pays people to do nothing. While I will admit there are people taking advantage of a system in which they get hardly any money to begin with. The facts of the matter are this, 1/3 of people on welfare are actually people with actual disabilities. A quarter of those people actually work part time. The rest are students, and elderly people.

You act as if collecting welfare is the life, and people are living big because of it. The reality is this. We give more money to the very wealthiest 1/10 of %1 via subsidies, and allowing them not to pay taxes like you, and I do. Don't get me wrong the wealthy pay taxes, but they don't one third of their income. Many wealthy folks have offshore tax accounts, or as I like to call it untaxed income that they legally are allowed to have. Which makes this more interesting. Our government allows them to have offshore tax accounts. Trillions of dollars have been kept from our tax system for over 50 years. While the government does things like spend over a trillions dollars on keeping "Marijuana" out of America.

This is where I have a problem with the government. It's not welfare to the poor, it's welfare to the wealthiest people in our country. Look at all the bail outs this country has been a part of. You probably think that Obama was the first President to start handing out bail outs to the rich because that's how the media portrayed it. Meanwhile bail outs for the rich have been part of our government for years. Taxpayers have been giving their money away to the wealthy since Regan was in office. You all bitch about the government spending money it doesn't have, but then never wonder why the government has no money in the first place.

Poor, lazy people aren't the problem financially in the United States. People on welfare aren't living the high life. Greed is destroying our economy much like it's destroying other economies of the world. The private sector tells you your government needs to stay out of the way, and it does for the most part, but not in your favor. If it weren't for the government many of us would live shorter lives because the private sector could give two shits about our well being. Just look at China. Look at what little regulations they have on pollution.

Pittsburgh used to look like a shit town, and there was soot everywhere in the beginning of the 20th century. The people spoke, and were tired of being sick, and more importantly tired of dying from lung related diseases. It took the people to stand up against the private sector back then who refused to change anything. Then, finally the government grew some balls, and began regulating them. For years while during the Industrial boom, and while the private sector was running the game we had children, and adults working in horrible working conditions.

Once again it was the people who spoke up, and finally their government listened abolishing child labor as it was practiced during those times. What most of you don't realize is that when the government regulates industry it's usually for the safety, or well being of the people, and also it's typically people making a fuss about. Meaning it's the people who typically push for regulation from our government. The same way when Conservatives want to tell woman they have no choice over their bodies. Many Christians want our government to abolish the legality of abortion. Meaning they want to regulate abortions, or what women choose to do with their bodies.

Remember most jobs are run by the private sector, and so we can blame them for not providing us with enough jobs, and not only that, but jobs that are not at poverty level. What type of government sets a minimum wage at below poverty level? Who the fuck wants to work for $9 dollars an hour, let alone $7, and some change? Not to mention part time. Why aren't you bitching about Wal Mart intentionally giving people part time jobs, so that they can still collect welfare? You would think Wal Mart would want to help the American economy, and employ people at a livable wage, right?

Obviously not, and in fact if we didn't have a minimum wage companies like Wal Mart would pay us pennies on the dollar. That's how much they give a shit about you, or I. Why do companies like Wal Mart except food stamps? They are a Conservative company as whole, but they except food stamps. Meaning taxpayer money is ok to spend at Wal Mart. Flipping burgers doesn't require a degree, but do you eat fast food? Do you shop at a grocery store? Many of us do, and if those people weren't there we would have to grow our own food, and make our own clothes.

Despite how easy those jobs are it's not excuse to pay people less than the worth of the actual industry that they work for. McDonald's is famous fast food restaurant, and they are a world conglomerate. Billions served, but they can't pay half their workers above poverty levels? I don't care if taking someone's order is easy, or doesn't require much thought. They work for a profitable company, and that's enough of a reason for people to make more money. I expect small mom, and pop stores to pay low wages because the reality is that those businesses aren't thriving. However, as a kid I made more money working for a very small business, than I did while working for a conglomerate retailer while in school. Doesn't make sense.

The economy would do much better without billionaires, top heavy millionaires hording all the money the bring in. In fact wealthy people hardly spend their money. Most of them sit on their fortune, and allow the money that is taxed by the government to create, or keep their businesses around. They also rely on slave labor to help increase their already astronomical profits. When I had a small business I would have never of thought of paying people pennies on the dollar, however I will admit it would have saved me a ton of money. Legally here in the States you can't just pay someone pennies on the dollar to work. Unless you are the government, or the private sector in which you have prisoners working for slave wages out of jail.

If you take all the wealth made in the last 40 years by the folks you see in the Fortune 500, or the wealthiest 1/10 of %1 it's not hard to see why we have a national debt over 16 trillion, and counting. We live in a society where to many of you think that taxing the wealthy is not the option, and argue that it's poor minorities who don't work, and are giving everything for free that are the cause for our nations problems. You people couldn't be anymore wrong, and are just as ignorant as the people who thought the world was flat, and that the Sun evolved around the Earth. You are a more modern version of those people.

I used to think that there was hope until the internet proved me otherwise. I found that there are so many uninformed people of all personalities ranging from Doctors, lawyers, house wives, nurses, teachers, carpenters, janitors, and cashiers. We all point the finger as to who is the problem, and then claim their convictions without any real logic. I tried to make a difference, and realized that it was nearly impossible to do so. Many of us work to long, and possibly more than one job. Americans just don't have the time,nor the money to make a difference. Change doesn't happen over night. Change takes years, and unfortunately we have to work harder, and longer all the while ignoring the government that we elect thinking that our one vote was enough to cause change.

If you really want to cause change, stop voting. Stop going to work, stop shopping, and take the power back. Show the government, and the private sector what happens when people step out of line. However, to many of you have way to much pride (which is a sin) to do exactly those things. Without workers, the government has no taxable income, industry loses money because there is no one consuming. My house is paid off, why do I have to pay the government to keep it on property? If I didn't have property tax I could just grow my own food, and not have to work. I don't need the television, or the internet, and I know my wife could care less about those things as well.

However I have to work in order to pay my property tax, and many other taxes. I have shelter, and a means to my own heat. There are plenty of ways to rely on very little energy that are basically free once you have the supplies you need. With the amount of information out there humans could live very decent lives without the current things we deem real, or necessary. Fuck twitter, face book, and the things that keep us from being alive. We are slaves to a society that suggest we can be the best we can be, but in reality we aren't the best we can be. We are not ourselves anymore we are an absurd representation of human beings.

We are filthy, disgusting, self righteous, ignorant, greedy souls that allow the blind to lead the blind. Never before in a society I have heard such ignorance. Just last week my brother in law was discussing a Jimmy Kimmel skit in which kids were told by their parents that they ate all their Halloween candy. As he told the story he made certain to point out that of course the "black" was more pissed off, and more violent in response. This is a man who claims to be Christian, and a devoted Catholic. I'm white, but I even thought that this is where society is now, and always will be. Just the mere fact that the color of one's skin is still an issue makes me scratch my head.

I'm certain he meant no harm in what he said because like most people he is completely unaware of his very own ignorance. This is precisely the problem. One third of the world lives without clean water, or electricity while there are people like myself are throwing food away because it was to much to eat. I am as just as guilty as the next person, but I realized that at least when I work I still know my taxes feed people. Whether they are lazy, crippled, or what have you I know that at least society as prejudice, or ignorant as it can be still feeds Americans. We still give people shelter, and we still feed them is the only thing keeping us "face".

It's clear that this attitude is changing though. More, and more people want to stop feeding the poor. More, and more people want to stop housing the poor. Peoples anger has manifested itself so much that they say "Do away with welfare". I say the same, and allow society to crumble as it was meant to. If you know anything about history you would know that the idea of leaving people behind, or in poor conditions is something Americans never were ok with. It took nearly 200 years for our nation to have a movement like the Progressive Movement. When the New Deal was written, and put in to place it spoke volumes. Our country was taking a stand, and finally putting itself first. Inner city parks, homes, apartments, libraries, and schools were built to help build this nation.

Now let me be so I can go listen to this new awesome Soundgarden album, and re-live the 90's.
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