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Default Re: Best TNA PPV so far?

Originally Posted by Shepard View Post
Extreme Rules 2012 was better than anything TNA has done this year in my opinion but lets not go down that road because it's going to lead to bitching and mark wars which I'm not up for.

The cage was awful at Lockdown this year because the ring was different (i think it was the house show ring which was smaller and you could really see that in the lethal lockdown). That + dead crowd. What good matchups were there, besides guns/joegnus and the main event, both of which were okay. Lockdown as a whole was a HUGE letdown, matches didnt deliver and neither did the crowd. Which is a shame since the Roode/Storm build prior to it was the best thing they've done this year feud wise.

The BFG series matches at HJ were just there. 3 way was terrible (it had anderson and rvd after all) and the table match was really lacklustre. Ladder match was okay but nothing outstanding. All 4 guys have had better this year. I'm a fan of the main event though (Roode/Aries have a+ chemistry). Oh plus it has chavo/hernandez vs kash/gunner which is like the worst opener i can recall this year easily.

Sacrifice had Kaz/Daniels vs Joe/Magnus which I'd say is better than those two vs AJ/Angle, then Kim/Tessmacher which wipes the floor w/ every other KO match this year, Ray/Aries which is was MOTN, Angle/Styles which was good and then even RVD/Roode wasn't awful (bar RVD slightly cocking up towards the end)
Funny how opinions differ. All three of these PPVs have one vote and one comment proving it was the best. I don't wanna argue so let's just rate all of these with the same grade.

BTW, WWE ER 2012 might have had Brock vs Cena, but BFG 2012 had Roode vs Storm. Put a WWE stamp on that match and you would like it more.

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