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Default Re: Best TNA PPV so far?

Originally Posted by Hailsabin View Post
No Surrender is garbage. I wouldn't even recommend a watch, tbhayley.

I didn't even notice he put Hardcore Justice & Lockdown over Sacrifice. Oh my. Guess the average matches of Hardcore Justice & dead crowd for Lockdown were too good to pass up.
There wasn't many matches on the card but BFG matches were cool.I put HJ over because it had BFG matches, and they were the most exciting ones. Can't say it sucked. It was okay. But since I already set the standards, I just put it between, so I said it's very good. But yeah, it was okay IMO.

Want me to rank them?

1. Hardcore Justice
2. Lockdown
3. Sacrifice
4. No Surrender

I just can't put HJ under because three 4 way matches were really cool.
I guess NS was shit besides BFG matches.
Lockdown > Sacrifice. Because of the cage. And good matchups.

TBH only change I needed to make was increase Sacrifice rating by 1. Yeah it was kind my bad. But you can't say that any of these sucked. Still better than any WWE PPV in 2012.

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