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Re: Ranking the Bond Films

1) Goldeneye & Live and Let Die
2) MOONRAKER (fuck everyone else this shit is entertaining)
3) Goldfinger
4) Casino Royale
5) The Spy Who Loved Me
6) You Only Live Twice
7) The Man with the Golden Gun
8) The World Is Not Enough
9) License To Kill
10) Diamonds Are Forever
11) Octopussy
12) Tomorrow Never Dies
13) Dr. No
14) The Living Daylights
15) Thunderball
16) For Your Eyes Only
17) A View To a Kill
18) Die Another Day
19) From Russia With Love
20) Quantum of Solace
21) On Our Majesty's Secret Service

Yet to see Skyfall myself, but I'll get on that ASAP.

I know my list will possibly fall out of touch with the rest of the other Bond fans, but I really didn't care for From Russia With Love all that much (only saw it once) I like Connery as Bond, obviously, but that film I had a hard time getting into it as much as I do with all of the others. Quantum of Solace is one that i've seen twice over and both times I was bored out of my mind. I've been saying I want to give another go to hype myself for Skyfall, yet I haven't done so. Maybe my opinion on it will change after I re-watch it or maybe not. Moonraker being high will SHOCK everyone. Yeah, I know. I loved it though. I always said it's because it is the Bond story that fused science fiction into the plot more than any of the others have or will have. I know that's why I loved it. All the Bond flicks are fun, but that one reached a new level of fun for me. Rest are ranked pretty much by, once again, the fun I had/have watching them. Goldeneye will forever remain on top of my list although it share some company with LALD. Don't know what it is, but that story is one I dig. Watched it over so many times I couldn't tell you how many it's been. Plus, I dig me some Roger Moore. He was my personal favorite James Bond. I liked his approach to the character. Gave Bond a little bit something extra. I think that's why I prefer Octopussy over most people too.

So long story short, I can easily say that I love the majority of all these flicks. Only two that don't come off as entertaining were QoS & OHMSS which I felt both were pretty boring. I suppose that's the beauty of DVDs. You can watch them over again. I've always wanted to try and cram these into a marathon. I know that will take me over a day to do, but I should try it.

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