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How would you make faces likeable again? (create/recreate a top babyface)

Partly inspired by a particularly terrible Raw some time ago (the one where Punk got pinned by Kane with GM AJ as guest ref), it’s becoming apparent that WWE are churning out some run-of-the-mill and plain ol’ unlikeable babyface characters. So I ask you, members of the IWC, to throw some ideas out there and create a good face character or even revamp a current face character that you think will make him/her more appealing.

Try to be impartial with this even in regards to performers/characters you can’t currently stand. You want to be entertained of course so try and think of ways these people can have their strengths accentuated and weaknesses hidden from your sight. And please, no smartarse shots on the guys you do hate in every conceivable way. If you really can’t see anything in there then don’t bother with the question.

Then again, perhaps I’m falling into the trap of IWC’s renowned hyperbole and doomsday mentality. Is there any reason to be concerned about this? Obviously a lot of older fans have acquired different tastes over the years and have steadily become more jaded as WWE moves onto another generation of na´ve youth to cater towards. Should the company just be content with the fact a lot of their top acts have a good following at the moment without being groundbreaking?

It'll also be interesting to get peoples thoughts on the current babyface formula in today's climate. Is it something that needs to be renewed from top to bottom? This would include revisiting the patented face comeback routine in a wrestling match that gets guys like Cena pasted regularly from a lot of casuals for his ‘predictability’ (despite him also being highly lauded by many in the know-how for doing this routine well, ironically). Do you think that there’s some innovation needed for what are considered fundamentals in WWE's 'style' of working, or just a matter of continuing to keep things keeping on and hope they strike it lucky with that one talent who can do their bit well?
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