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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Chikara: It's How You Play the Game

I've got a bunch of Chikara stuff on my hard drive and I want see it all before the season finale.

Bonus Match:
Mike Bailey vs. Mathieu St. Jacques

So they let some of the local guys have match on the opener because Chikara was running in their territory. Always good too see indy companies working together. I wasn't overly impressed with these guys but they didn't look out of their league in this match. Bailey was a decet face and he had a few nice moves. St. Jacques wasn't anything memorable either. Both guys really should have shown a little more personality in the ring. The match was fine but you can see this in any wrestling company and it didn't make me think more or less about C4.

Jigsaw vs. Mr. Touchdown

Good as expected. This was earlier in the year and Mr. Touchdown was still doing some goofy stuff to say in gimmick. I like what he's doing now with just being a jerk to everyone but some of the football stuff was pretty funny. So the match had a few laughs and had an ending that I didn't expect at all. A better finishing stretch would have been nice since I didn't the match was ending until I heard the bell. Very good though as both guys played their characters well and the pacing was pretty quick.

Leah Von Dutch vs. Sara Del Rey

Von Dutch got in almost no offense and was killed by Sara. I understand why Chikara did this with Sara, to show she was miles ahead of all the other female wrestlers out there, but I would have preferred if Sara had been in a good match.

Dasher Hatfield vs. Ophidian

Dasher gets in his stuff early nd we see a few funny moments. Ophidian eventually takes control of the match and once the comedy is out of the way (which was good) this turned into a good, serious match. Dasher's comeback got the crowd going and the finishing stretch was really exciting. Not bind blowingly good but still a nice addition to the card. Only problem really was that nothing about the match really stood out to me and it was overall kind of forgettable.

3.Ole vs. The Batiri

Bad start to the match where Matthews hurts his leg before the match even starts. I'm not sure exactly what happened to him because they had a weird camera angle but he was walking around screaming, "Fuck!"and holding his leg before the match even started. I feel lie it took them a while to get back into the swing of things as the beginning of the match just felt off. Once Generico was able to play the face in peril they seemed to get back on track though I did feel like Mathews was limited the entire match. Still they were able to work through an injury and still put on a good match. Not great but not bad either.

The Spectral Envoy vs. 17 and The Shard

The purpose of this was just storyline advancement. And for a 7 minutes match there was a lot of it. Donst was on commentary and virtually cut a promo the whole time (and it was a good one at that), Delirious made his presence known and it was kept a mystery what he was he doing out there. Ophidian made an appearance and Donst tried to steal his YLC back from Hallowicked. With all of this going on you can see why it's hard to remember the match. It was pretty average from what I remember. It just seemed like they were going through the motions because there was more important stuff happening than the match.

Chuck Taylor vs. Archibald Peck

Archie had just gone through a break-up and wasn't in a very spirited mood, which made for a pathetic entrance from him as he went through all of his motions as if Veronica was still with him. If someone in a marching band being in a wrestling ring is ridiculous a depressed member of the marching band is even more absurd. These are two of my favorite comedy guys to see wrestle and they didn't disappoint me. I won't go into detail about he match but it was amazing. Also it had character development for Archie which is impressive. It was 15 minutes of greatness.

The Colony vs. The Swarm


Personally I think it's matchs like this where Chikara struggles. They wanted to wrestle this like it would be some big, wild, hate filled brawl. If you don't watch other wrestling that might work but for me it just seemed like a weak attempt at the style. It wasn't bad by any means just I wish they had been able to take to the next level and it's a shame that they were restricted by Chikara. I feel like that this would have been a lot better if it took place in another company.

2nd Grand Championship Defense:

Eddie Kingston(c) vs. Brodie Lee

Brodie is a monster and Kingston is amazing as an underdog. So yeah, this was really good and easily the best match of the night. Great storytelling with Brodie playing full heel the whole match despite the fact that this was his last match before he left for WWE. Just describing the roles that each guy played should be enough to convince anyone to see this match. If that wasn't enough this match also features a moment where the you quickly realize all the hard work paid off as the crowd went from pretty dead to really into the match on a nearfall at the end. Oh and there were some brutal strikes going on. Both guys can play characters, tell a story, and work. Great match. There were a few bad looking moves though and Kingston really shouldn't be trying huricanranas but other than that poor decision this was wrestled incredibly well. Did I say how stiff the strikes were?

This was about what I would expect from Chikara. The main event delivered and the undercard was solid. Peck/Taylo was hilarious as well. I like he booking a lot as well because I love seeing characters develop on screen. Good show.
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