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Re: Pro Wrestling X - Uprising = Help the wrestling dream game become reality!

While I'm heavily intrigued, I'm not sure I'm sold...

I get that they're attempting to re-create the feel of the N64 wrestling games (which I agree with the majority are great), but the thing is, this isn't 2000. I know a lot of indie games today thrive off the notion that they look all retro and blocky, but I'm not sure a new wrestling game can get away with it. I mean, if I wanted to play a game that felt like No Mercy, I'd play No Mercy. And while No Mercy is arguably the greatest wrestling game ever (I'm more partial to SYM or HCTP personally), it had a lot more going for it than just "not looking all shiny." It had the benefit of being a wrestling game of the biggest wrestling company at the (debatable) height of wrestling popularity. Just because No Mercy wasn't the prettiest, most realistic wrestling game ever doesn't mean that it was great because it wasn't the prettiest, most wrestling game ever.

It just seems like their stance is to pretty much ignore all the progress wrestling games have made since 2000 and just focus on the fact that they're not doing the bad things. So far, I've not seen much in the way of ideas, just them re-iterating that they're wrestling fans and that it's going to look and feel like No Mercy. I'm more focused on what they plan to do that No Mercy and all those titles didn't do. How big is the game going to be? What sort of modes/matches/etc. are planned? Create-a-wrestler/arena/entrance? Hell, will there even be entrances? Online play? I want to know how this game intends to be worth my time over the games it's trying to replicate (for lack of a better term). Right now it seems the only feature that has been revealed is the ability to make it look even more like an N64 game, or black-and-white.

The only thing so far that really peaks my interest is that it's on PC--which in turn means modding. But how easy will modding be? Will the game make import/exporting simple or will it require complex plug-ins/patches/tampering with game files? It's one thing to actively support modding, it's another to make it simple to do. The fact that it's on PC pretty much means that they should not be limited by the same restrictions that were placed on consoles in the year 2000--but I'm yet to see what about the gameplay has taken advantage of that.

I really do want to like this game, and this could be the ultimate wrestling game experience if done right. But I worry that they're so focused on making a "classic" wrestling game that they'll neglect everything that could make it a great wrestling game.


I just watched the video from the creators called "Pro Wrestling X State of the Union." There is only going to be 1-on-1 matches, and only 8 characters because everything else is "too gimmicky" (and yet in a later video, he states that they're "not shooting for a small, arcade-style, shallow gameplay experience" and are trying to create a "No Mercy 2 depth-of-game"). Mind you the video was posted Feb 2012, so things may have changed, but if not, then holy crap have they got a twisted perception of what made the N64 games great. Essentially, they're selling us on the bare-bones game, then if everything pans out, then they'll add a few more features for the next game. I understand wanting to test the waters with a simple, playable game, but they're releasing a 2000 wrestling game in 2012 with the features of a 1990 wrestling game at this point. As much as I would love to put money towards this project, I'm just not sure the company's vision for a wrestling game is quite on the level of what I would expect for "wrestling fans" creating a wrestling game in 2012 would be.

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