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Re: The cunt thread

Originally Posted by Apocalypto View Post
D-Shocky is not defending himself from the dick riding accusations. This proves he takes prides in his status as a gimp bitch for the Shit Nuggets Crew.

Here is a pic of D-Shock getting spanked by SNC comandeer BULLY when DShock doesn't he sucked his dick properly:

LOL you really visited this site to find an appropriate picture?

You really typed reluctantyoungmen.com?

But you are also the same guy who saves pictures of various WF users so he can open Paint and draw dicks so I am not surprised and after posting pictures from gay sites, saving photos from male WF mambers and drawing dicks on paint you tell others that they are obsessed with penises?
Do you realize that you just posted a link to a gay site probably only you know to tell someone that he is gay?

With this post you proved that you ran out of LULZ and that you definitely post shit that made no sense so it just makes sense for me that the next time I reply to you it will be when you log in as NoyK.
But you are still allowed to quote me and to post the same old shit in hope to get a response but you can just hope

EDIT: I just realized he edited his post and made a new pic
@mods: remember when I also posted a naked ass in rants and got banned? Time to take out the trash called Noyks alt

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