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Re: State of Affairs

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
AS for the content in the op, while not untrue, it has been said many times before, even I covered it in one of my rants. The thing that you've got to understand is that people will do what they want in here regardless of what anybody else (barring the admins, and even then that can fall on deaf ears) has to say, whether that be somebody with little authority (that would be me) or even a long term poster who is well respected (Rush).

The biggest problem for me is the obsession that some people have over the possibilty of certain posters having alt accounts. Now don't get me wrong, as a short term in joke it's okay, but some of the people on here are relentless with it and let the accuations spill other to several other threads instead of keeping it to one single 'outing' rant. Even when Headliner said that there was no evidence to back up the claims of Noyk being Apocalypto (I had already shown evidence as to why Noyk more than likely isn't him, for the record) we still had several posters who just kept banging on about it to the point of complete and utter tedium. I think that people should keep the accusations to just one thread if they're going to be so determined with them, otherwise sack it off and raise the issue with the staff if you can't have some discipline.

I think that basically everybody that posts in rants these days (barring a few who make fleeting appearances) have been guilty of some form of derailing. I know that I'm terrible when it comes to winding up Noyk over a multitude of threads because I'm like a fly being drawn to shit (second part is a good comparison) in regards to him. I can only try to stop the multitude of arguments that I'm involved in, but hoping to stop that mentality entirely throughout all of the rant's posters is wishful thinking. All it takes is one idiot to troll along with a couple of easily baited posters and it all snowballs from there.

For this place to get back into some kind of 'order' all of the sensible posters (I think that most people would like to be included in this category) would have to find some form of self control, whether that would be through implimenting the ignore function or just displaying thicker 'e-skin'. If that isn't possble then maybe the admins could do something about it, possibly have a purge of who they see as undesirables (waiting for this to backfire on me)? If they're bothered enough about the situation then they will surely do something.
Very good points

As for the alt accounts, some people accuse others to be rejoiners simply because many banned users proved that they were able to join this site again and post for a while here, Ian Collins, Turtlesauce, Whap Me Jungles even admitted that he is GR2F, that the mods know who he is and he still posts, Mystical posted this crap about the IP of him and Samantha, Sheamus leaves the forum and on the same day a new user joins who likes Deadpool and Mafia and after Sheamus got banned that user appears for the first time in the jobbers thread on the same day. People have every reason to suspect.
As for Noykalypto, I still haven't change my mind. He used an old trick.

As for derailing the threads, you are right. I am also guilty but the reason was those 3-4 accounts (HEELKris, Mystical, Apocalypto, CREDMI) posted in many threads the same old shit at the same time thus made 5-6 threads the same old shit with people constantly arguing with them.

Was it possible to ignore them? Yes. But people reacted to them for 3 reasons. They were either provoked, they fucked around with them because you can say anything in rants or they replied to own them but no matter what the reason was they got attention.
Hell, Mystical even managed to piss off a user like CMWit and to get his attention, that says it all

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