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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^I see.

I wanna go dig up Seabs' review of Angle/Hardy because goddamn if it isn't more enjoyable than the match itself. iirc it got posted in the wwe dvd thread earlier this year.

edit- hooray

Spoiler for lulz:
Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy - No Surrender 2010

Fucking hell. I went into it knowing I wouldn't like it because I read of all the stupid TNA shenanigans in the match but a lot of people had been saying up to that point it was a brilliant wrestling match. Fuck off btw. This is legit one of the worst matches I have ever had to sit through.

There's literally zero structure or logic to the match. They waste no time getting the mindfuck started. Angle hits a vicous powerbomb on Jeff which they make a huge deal about yet Kurt stands around for like a minute before locking in a sleeper. No pinfall btw afterwards. Fuck. Hardy starts off as he means to go on by botching a dropkick in the corner. Jeff looks a complete tool with that stupid gear and god awful facepaint he has on. He looks legit stoned and without a care in the world for this match. There's another hysterical moment soon after where Jeff supposedly counters an angle slam into a arm drag but he doesn't arm drag Kurt at all. Kurt being the pro he is decides despite Jeff not touching he'll flip over anyway. Brilliant.

They couldn't have possibly killed the idea of a finisher anymore in this one either. Jeff hits a Twist Of Fate on the outside to zero reaction. I dont think the commentators even reference it. Tazz is fucking awful btw. There's so many ex WWE guys in this company that so obviously dont care what they're doing here. Tazz is a goofball at the best of times when he's trying but he's unbearable from what I've heard in TNA which luckily isn't too much. Tenay is Tenay. Just as bad. Jeff then follows this up with a swanton to the outside from the top rope. They get back in the ring as if nothing has happened. Jeff hits another TOF in the ring followed by not one but two swantons off the top rope. Kurt kicks out of every single one. At this point Jeffrey decides lets go for yet another swanton. Kurt gets his knees up this time. Why couldn't he have done that first time around instead of hurting my brain and making Jeff's finisher look like dog shit. Jeff made them look like dog shit enough on his own to be fair. Angle hits a load of angle slams in between all this too which Jeff kicks out of every one. The number of TOF's swantons and angle slams in the match must be in double figures by the end of the match. Not to mention the most ridicoulos ankle lock segment ever. Must have been a complete 5 minutes that Kurt had the ankle lock on Jeff. Jeff never once thinks of selling any offense btw. Neither does Kurt naturally. Total mindfuck.

So after this retarded segment in the match they randomly decide the match has a 20 minute time limit that nobody was told about beforehand. If the match was so important and there needed to be a winner then why was there a time limit in the first place? Angle after having Jeff in the ankle lock for a ludacris amount of time decides to scrap that idea and goes back to working over the ankle, which he didn't even bother doing in the first 20 minutes btw. This 5 minute spell consisted of basically nothing besides Bischoff and Dixie looking bored and nervous at ringside because the match went overtime. I'm clueless as to why Dixie got so much screen time during this match despite contributing niltch to the match. So then we have another 5 minutes. Why not just say this match will carry on until there's a winner because there must be a winner and a loser? Oh no, that requires logic! Fuck me. For some reason out of nowhere Jeff decides it's his turn to have an offense segment. No ankle selling btw of course. He bashes Angle's head onto the steps and to be frank nobody notices what is happening until Kurt gets back in the ring after blading and people realise, oh something must have happened. The biggest mindfuck of the whole shenanigan comes up next when Bischoff decides after ordering not one spell of overtime but two that because Kurt has a minor gash on his head he cant continue. Kurt obviously doesn't sell his injury and acts as normal walking around the ring like it's the start of the match. I dont think Jeff knows what is happening.

I'm calling this the worst match I have ever seen. No structure, no meaning, no storyline advancement, no quality wrestling and absolutely no logic. Literally everything about this is awful. The fans starting numerous "This is Awesome" chants as well as not responding to any of the finishers was terrific. TNA fans literally give every match a "This Is Awesome" chant. Basically if you pull out a big spot you'll get that chant. It is actually worse than the stupid canadian fans using that chant for a ** match at a DGUSA event. Mind boggling. The commentary is abysmal. Tazz makes no sense and the both of them failt to pick up on the majority of what happens in the match. There is no begining, middle and end to the match. Saying they did a load of moves with no meaning has never ever been more true to a match than this. A TOF/Swanton combo on the outside was a passing gesture, as was Kurt using the ankle lock for 5 minutes. Jeff was out of his mind and his head wasn't in the state let alone the arena. Dixie and Bischoff came off as morons that cant run a company. Not in the way they booked the match but they came off like that on screen. Truly brilliant. The match led to nothing either btw. They stressed the importance of having a winner yet they end the match because of a cut. A very minor one at that. I'm pretty sure they did the same match the week after on iMPACT with no winner again.

Quite the spectacle.


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