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Re: Raw Discussion Thread 11/12/12: THIS FUCKING COMPANY

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
There's a difference between liking a guy's look, and saying "he has THE look"

in 7 months, he's only beat down on 3 legitimate talents?...focus on Goldberg's push for a moment, and realize that Goldberg beat that many credible guys in his first 2 months.

name one guy aside from sting who didnt give an interview at all, with either a mouthpiece or on his own, that has become a successful top tier talent? I'll be waiting.

So every other face in the company uses those cheese lines for Cheap Pops? Surely Ryback doesnt use those lines...but he doesnt use any line other than "FEED ME MOAR"

handful of former World Champions? By your own admission, the only talent he's squashed was Miz, Punk, and Ziggler. Miz is borderline, as alot of people dont think he deserved his title reign. And Ziggler was a WHC for 10 minutes, in a shit booked story. So, again, back to the "he's killed credible talent" argument...he just hasnt. He's squshed about 50 jobbers in 7 months, and this somehow makes him a major badass?

I never said you had to hate him...Im saying that the guy is as overrated as it gets. It's funny how we all got on ADR last year for being handed everything he got without actually having to work for it. But here we are a year and some months later, talking about how Ryberg is the next big thing, when he hasnt earned anything that was given to him either. But hey, I guess if it's a face, we can ignore that fact, right?
But he does have the look. What do you want me to say? Lie, and say that he doesn't? Ryback has the "Look". Just because there are smaller guys that don't look like that, doesn't mean that they don't deserve air time, and that I like them any less.

You dodged what I said about not needing mic skills to make it to the top. I said you don't need mic skills to take you to the top, and you somehow think that I said that you can make it to the top without ever talking on the mic. Of course you need to talk on the mic sometimes. I just said that plenty of wrestlers have sucked total balls on the mic and made it to the top.

And finally, how the hell is Ryback overated? The entire fucking IWC hates the fuck out of him. From what I can tell its just me and SD Warrior that like him on here?

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