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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (A BRAVE new thread)

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post

God I hope Wimbledon win.
Agreed, would be a true victory for football if the reformed team could beat the cretins who destroyed their old club and re-franchised it 60 miles away to create a new 'dynasty'. There's been a hilarious piece written defending MK Franchise in the wake of the game:


Makes for hilarious reading into how deluded and up their own arse people can be. Between talking about how great the Dons are as an inspiration to what dedication can achieve (blurgghh), they mimmick AFC only getting crowds of below 2000 and talking about how they've brainwashed the media into making MK Franchise the enemy.

Couple of standout quotes:

Pete Winkelman and everyone connected to the club should hold their heads high at what they have achieved in the last eight years, but they should also leave the mudslinging to others. Robinson often talks about ‘class’ when it comes to matters on the pitch, and in this instance, it’s men against boys.
Incredible. They destroyed the heritage and prestige the old Wimbledon brought to the community, all to create a new club in a commercial hotbed to make themselves a fortune and facilitate their own greed and egos.

The fantastic stadium that AFC will get to visit represents what can be achieved in football with the right level of dedication, knowledge and investment. But of course Dons can take nothing for granted and must first beat Cambridge City to make sure this unique and unprecedented FA Cup tie does go ahead.
Embarassing and up there with the biggest load of shite I can ever lay claim to reading. How they can talk about dedication, when they only created the club through leeching off of the past success and heritage of the old Wimbledon and being backed by men with personal wealth, compared to AFC Wimbledon who reformed their club and managed to forge their way through the leagues on the back of fan investment and a community spirit is amazing.

As for the 'fantastic stadium'. Its not even finished for starters and its a souless corporate bowl with no history, no passion and nothing to show beyond a boring piece of architecture that you can see at St Marys', the Ricoh Arena, the Walkers Stadium or any other boring newly constructed ground.

MK Dons are what is wrong with modern football. Born out of greed and commercial opportunity, there to turn a profit and make a few men a great wealth and supported by part time mongs who've got no attachment to the club unless they're winning, as evidenced by their piss poor attendances since their progress halted and the embarassing nature of their 'support'.

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