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Re: Canadian Man Going To Jail For Racist Forum Messages

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
Judging by half of the responses including this makes my argument that much more relevant. Many of you are delusional, and have no clue as to what you are talking about. Making racists comments in a forum is not tolerable by no means, and it doesn't have to be directed towards anyone. We don't live in a "free society", and those that think "The Constitution" matters in a time when over 80,000 laws are created for our Government each year to review are morons. Many of them are business laws that restrict our "freedoms" anyhow. You can't just say what you want in this world without a reaction.

I am not going to walk up to my boss, and tell him he is a fat, perverted bastard. Even though I feel that way. Am I going to walk in a bar filled with black men, and scream ni**er. You will get your ass kicked. People seem to think that they have these freedoms to be ignorant, and they are half right. However, you can still be punished for being that way. I could rob a bank if I wanted, but I am not going to. The free will to do anything is always there for most of us, but rules are rules.

The same group of people who are bitching about this man in jail for his rights being violated are the same ones who will bitch when some pervert downloads "kiddie porn", and gets caught, and then ask that he receives a life sentence. You are the same people who are for "The Death Penalty", but against abortion. If you haven't realized that there is no such thing as "freedom" then you don't know anything about your country. You can't just have 300 million folks running around thinking they can do, or say whatever they want. Grow up, and read a fucking book already. It's a damn shame so many of you are clueless to the world around you.
Guess what? You can call your boss fat without breaking the law. Just like you can go to the bar and do that. What stops you? Consequences of getting fired and getting your ass beat like the pussy you are. Guess what neither of those consequences come with? Jail time. Your analogies are shit.

Reactions != breaking the law.

If your minuscule ability to use reasoning and logic doesn't allow you to see the stark contrast between illegal actions (child porn) and calling your boss fat, then we have bigger problems in this society than the constant pussificiation you're advocating.
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