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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries

Smackdown Feedback

No other way to kick off than with Sexual Chocolate after what went down at NOC. The opening bit to this was a little off, I donít know it just didnít feel right. If you read it back youíll see what I mean. It felt as if Henry was trying to hate on the fans but at the same time, he kinda thanked them for those times as theyíve got him to this point. After that it was fairly standard stuff, the way he went off on Sheamus was good and thatís what I wanna see more of from him. Liked the fact you referenced T-Long and Henryís past relationship, was a nice touch and thatís a huge announcement from the GM. Henry vs Orton NOW? Massive match and on one hand itís great but on the other hand, itís probably too big a match to give away on Smackdown. These two meeting down the line on PPV for the first time wouldíve been better I think.

The match itself was pretty strong however and this was the reason why it was a good call. This instantly puts Henry over as a legit champion. Defending the title on his first show as champion against the biggest star on the brand and beating him CLEAN. Massive win for Henry.

Felt a bit filler ish here with Christian and Teddy Long. It was just a bit short and Christian didnít seem his usual self. Donít mind his whole ĎSaviourí stuff but donít think he needed to immediately bring it up. The continuation of Christian/Bryan though is all good with me.

Nice win for Gabriel here, his little push just keeps on building and itís good to see. Aftermath was something Iím a little torn on. I donít really see the need for Gabriel to compete twice in a row unless itís gonna be a real challenge but OíNeil and Watson are never threatening him. BUTÖit does make Gabriel look a real never back down kinda guy and would definitely get him in the fans good books even more. He showed guts and heart with the two on the bounce and Iím glad you had him struggle a bit more to put Titus away than you did with Watson. Winning with a roll up was something else I wasnít too sure on but I can see why you did it with him being fatigued but again at the same time, a roll up win over Titus OíNeil doesnít exactly do him wonders.

Aftermath was very interesting and I actually like what youíve been doing with Curtis and Bateman. Theyíre an interesting duo and the whole ĎFighting for Freedomí thing is a cool gimmick. A feud between them and Watson/OíNeil would be a good one for them to get going with.

Bryan interview was decent. Only gripe I had was him saying that winning tonight would be like cheating? How that works Iím not sure, heíd simply be earning a title shot sooner than anticipated, something you canít turn down. Wrestlemania moment or not, itís the World Title lol but I know why you did it. Emphasising the briefcase being so key to him was well worked.

Divas stuff is actually pretty interesting right now so props for that. Particularly enjoying Kellyís downfall but desire to rise again. Good stuff, interested to see where it goes next.

Barrett was pretty much spot on here, probs the best character work of the show so far from you. The Worm thing was actually pretty good although Iím sure Orton wouldnít have just stood there and took that. Pretty sure these two will lock horns soon enough.

MASSIVE victory for Regal here and Iím thrilled to see it. Guessing itís not the end of Rhodes/Cara for now however but in the mean time, Rhodes/Regal should be a really strong feud. Iíd love to see Regal take the gold but Iím pretty sure itís Rhodesí for the taking. Expecting strong stuff from this though.

Good win for Kelly and good continuation from earlier on tonight. A more aggressive side beginning to come out in her and Iím wondering what this is all gonna lead to eventually.

Ah, wasnít surprised at all to see this happen with D-Bry. Certainly expecting a Christian rematch in store for Mr.MITB.

Excellent stuff with Christian and Long here. Christian just strolling out thinking itís in the bag was priceless only for Long to shoot him down like that. Morrisonís a good choice to slot in here and the match quality will no doubt still be strong.

And indeed it was a very strong contest with all three men coming out of it looking like real threats and Sheamus scoring the expected but impressive victory. Aftermath with Orton and Barrett was nice, continuing their little brewing feud and Mizark coming down and staring out Sheamus to close things off was a nice little teaser of whatís to come at Hell in a Cell. Should be a brutal one between those two.

All in all a solid show here. The matches delivered strong with the opener and main event. Itís tough because youíre so close to the next PPV already which is a bit of a killer for you and youíve gotta arrange things pretty quickly but I think you did a decent job here. Looking forward to the next one mate, keep it going.
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