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Re: Poll - Obama (D) vs Romney (R) - Vote

Originally Posted by GOON The Legend View Post
Why do you want the government to run and regulate the lives of people?

EDIT- You admitted you're far left. That explains everything.
This shows just how unintelligent you are. That is exactly the Governments job. Who do you think makes law? What are laws? Regulation is a part of any Government. Read a book on Governments, and then come talk to me. Remember Americans put these members of the House, and Senate in to office. When you complain about the Government regulating their lives you sound like a fool. It's not like we don't vote, and these people aren't just thrown in to office. This isn't some Private company where officials aren't elected via a Democratic Election. You also have no clue as to how many laws that are enforced on you, are actually pushed on our Government by Private Corporations. Have you ever heard of business law?

You, like many other unintelligent people would be shocked to know who was actually pushing to have our rights taken from us via our very own Government. It typically isn't the Government coming up with these ideas. You have Lobbyists pushing for the Agendas of the Private Sector. Just take a look at how many laws are made each year, and then come tell me how free of a country we live in. Without regulation our nation would collapse. If you think otherwise you haven't read enough books on the matter. This has nothing to do with far left politics, or far right politics.
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