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Re: State of Affairs

Read it, it's well written and valid points were brought up. Problem is, these points have already been raised before, recently, just not as eloquently.

This may make a difference to those that care about what people on here think of them, but trolls won't tow the line. I don't think Headliner would be an 'ass' for closing down severely derailed threads. In fact it would probably end up slowing the momentum of pointless posts. The Jobber's thread isn't a honey trap for bad posters, it's a rest stop in between rants. I'm talking about some of the little hangers on, not guys like BULLY. If the Jobbers thread was really a big problem I think it would have already been moved somewhere else instead of being at the core of Rants.

All in all you can complain all you want about things but if there are no actions being taken by the higher ups, then there's no use. As for the Trolling Trinity of Apoc/HEELKris/Mystical, they may be the part of the problem but giving in to their bating is just as bad. They get, as i$e puts it, body bagged constantly and are as resilient as ever.

One last thing: As Seabs said there are plenty of new people trying to fit in. Yes, and where do they go to try to fit in? Rants, push the post count up for rants or have a VIP Rants. Re-joiners that are addicted to rants will be solved that way. That won't solve all of the problems but depending on what you feel is the main problem, it will make a big difference.

Just suggestions. I'm not too fussed about the state of Rants, the constant feuding between the same people and derailing makes it less enjoyable but I'm fairly new so I have nothing better to compare it to.

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