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Pro Wrestling X - Uprising = Help the wrestling dream game become reality!

Tired of the modern WWE games? Is it the gameplay? The limitations? The "plastic" look? Want something akin to the unbeatable N64 No Mercy?

YOU can help make that wish a reality!

Basically, as I gather, this game has been in the works for... A decade? More?
Well, finally, the very dedicated and devoted (Canadian?) developer of the game has come CLOSE to finishing it... After SO much time, it can finally all be there.

But, Dave needs your help: If it took him and his "team" so long to make it, you can understand that he still needs help.


Kickstarter. A website where people present their projects, ask for certain amounts of money, explain why people should donate ("to kickstart the project") and how they will be rewarded for doing so.

All it takes is 4$, which is nothing for you Western-hemisphere people, I think.
Also: 15$ - the game is yours, once it comes out.
You can pledge as much as you want, and the reward tiers just get better and better.

With 24 days to go, the game has earned 8,200$... Out of a planned 75,000$!
Most indie games, that are hyped, get to their goal in a single day... But wrestling is a niche thing, so it is understandable that the amount of attention isn't so big.

1. It's made by true and devoted wrestling fans.
2. Those same fans love Fire Pro Wrestling and No Mercy (N64), and their goal is to make a modern combination of these two games/series.
3. They have been making the game(s) for more than a decade, and they are close to completion!
4. IT'S FOR PC! Do you understand what that means? A VERY important factor, if I may say so. Oh, don't worry: it supports your precious Xbox 360 controllers.

And a very amusing number 5: With a press of a button, you can instantly, in game, turn the graphic style from a "shiny, modern look" to the good ol' N64 look!
Even more: You can turn it black and white and even add cell-shaded effects!

I am very interested in this, if it isn't obvious yet. I am honestly trying to help out as much as I can, and dammit, if the worlds largest wrestling forums aren't gonna help - who is?

Even if you (FOR SOME INSANE REASON) aren't PC gamers, I'm sure that you could "afford" to play this game on your PC (and Mac?). This is a truly wonderful and "I got the feels, man" type of project, and I'd hate for it to be delayed or even worse, cancelled.

Show your support!


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