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Re: Official Puro Results/Spoilers Discussion Thread (BEWARE OF THE SPOILERS)

Tanahashi/Okada will be incredible. Would have preferred Shibata and Sakuraba tagging. Or at least swap them the other way around. 3 way is odd but at least fresh. On paper it should be better than any of them 3 having a singles match together. Definitely intrigued by how they work it if nothing else. Really glad they're building the Tokyo Dome show up as their WrestleMania rather than a big Puro Wrestling Card like it's been recently. Still so much great stuff to be added too. Daichi debut, probably vs Nagata. Probs a major All Japan vs New Japan match, probably with Goto and/or Anderson. Bummed at that release meaning no Suwama vs Okada or Nakamura though.

Tag League teams kinda suck again. Basically the bottom card guys will take the fall in every match to protect the top of the card guys. Their Tag League is always extremely forgettable which sucks. Should have stuck together a few major teams with the final show being a PPV. A team like Tanahashi/Goto and Okada/Nakamura don't have to drop many falls anyway with Semis on the last show. Ishii tagging with Nakamura should hopefully mean some big Ishii performances though. Fuck yes Them 2 vs Nagata/Mochizuki could rule. Shame Laughter7 aren't in it. Them 2 destroying everyone with the pairings they have leading to them taking the tag belts at WK7 would have ruled. Guess they don't have plans for them taking the tag belts though so in that case it makes sense. 2 Laughter7 tags vs Jado/Gedo and Liger/KUSHIDA should be fun though.
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